Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Directionally Impaired

This is a blog that Adam and I have started to share our adoption journey with family and friends. As many of you know we had previously started our adoption journey on the road to China. Well...(as many of you know ) I ( Bambi ) am directionally impaired and it seems as if we were headed down the wrong road. God has been opening and unlocking doors down a different path on the road to Haiti. A route which we had not thought to pursue but as we have been stepping through these open doors more keep unlocking. God's fingerprints are all over this.
So far we have pre-indentified a 14mo old Haitian girl from an agency waiting list.We have sent in our agency application and it was approved yesterday. Next ,we continue to update our current homestudy and sign/notarize contracts with our new agency. Then the real paperwork for the Dossier begins. This is a very long and involved process. We should be ready to submit our Dossier in 3mo. Please pray that as we keep moving forward God would keep unlocking those doors to Haiti. And, please pray that God would keep giving us the strength to walk through them.