Saturday, October 31, 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009

This is an Emergency

I'm not a part of this particular organization who put this video together, but it is a great reflection of the needs of the children of Haiti. The children of Haiti have touched me deeply, I hope you are touched as well:)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


This is soooo cute ! Several times Vania would try to carry things on her head around the hotel room. Sometimes even getting them to actually balance for a split second. A lot of women in Haiti carry things on their head like baskets of produce , items they are selling or large grain bags.It always amazes me at the grace & the poise they have while walking with these huge heavy objects on their head. Here we balance books on our head to practice perfect posture. In Haiti they use this skill not to walk the runway but carry heavy loads through the busy streets for survival.
Important update on Tiffany. She has brought some unwanted firends home from Haiti. The doctor says she has scabies & a tropical virus. Your prayers for a quick recovery would be appreciated. I am so grateful she made the trip with me. She was a great blessing !
I will keep you posted,

Monday, October 26, 2009

Home from Haiti

My sister & I arrived home safe & sound Saturday evening. We woke up at 4:15am Saturday morning to see Vania off. A little after 5:00 Am Harry ( an adoption facilitator that works with our orphanage ) brought the van to the hotel to take the kids back to the O . It is never easy to say goodbye. Tiffany was able to ride with Harry & another adoptive parent to the O to help with the little ones so she held Vania on her lap. Vania was quiet until I made the mistake of coming around to the window to say goodbye one last time. Then she cried mama all the way out of the parking lot :( So sad. But Tiff said about 5 minutes later all the kids quieted down & were excited
to show off their new stuff to their friends when they arrived back at the O.

Everyone survived at home while I was away. Adam did a great job with the kids ! He admitted though that Friday he drank 4 Dr. peppers ( which he has been trying to cut back on pop ). Now I think he can appreciate my need for Starbucks :) Thanks also to Adam's mom Brenda for helping out after school ! I know Adam was grateful for the help & good food !

Another amazing trip has ended. I woke up in the middle of the night Saturday & missed Vania snuggled up beside me. Can't wait to see her again. Time to switch gears for now & get back into the swing of things . Home sweet home.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Last day in Haiti

It is a bittersweet day. Our last day in Haiti then tomorrow we head back home. I feel torn. Ready to go back to my family & all the amenities of home and not wanting to leave Vania here. I'm tuly grateful for the time Tiff & I have had to spend with her. I feel like we've grown even closer this trip as mother & daughter.

Vania has been just talking up a storm in Creole. She will repeat ( & pretty well ) anything we say in English. As far as the communication barrier this trip has proved to me once again that love transcends all boundaries. All you need is love right ?Oh.. & a miracle to get through the crazy adoption system here.

The people we work with & fellow adoptive parents never cease to amaze me with their kindness & generosity. They are completely sold out for these kids & getting them home. Having the week to hang out & talk with all the other families is awesome & uplifting in such a long & at times frustrating process.

We also accomplished some needed paperwork while in Haiti. The judge in Parquet is now requiring parents to come to Port Au Prince & sign in front of him so they know we have traveled to Haiti & met our child. It was VERY informal & quick. On the ride back to the hotel through downtown Port Au Prince I am grateful to know Vania is safe for now where she is & off the busy streets hopeful to bring her home soon.

Tomorrow will be difficult day. Please pray for us as we leave Vania & also for safe travel home.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 4

We are on our 4th day here in Haiti. Can't believe we are half way through the trip. It has gone by so fast. Or maybe it's just because I'm chasing a 2 year old around ! Our typical schedule is breakfast, walk, pool , lunch, walk ,maybe pool, dinner & bed. That can take up a whole day when you are running on Haiti time. Most nights we are in bed early exhausted from the heat.
Vania is having a great time. She has been playing & interacting alot more with the kids this trip. She also enjoys the pool more and will jump to us and go under the water. All the kids seem much healthier & lively this trip. It is really fun to see them all running around & having such a great time. This is like Disney for them.
Tiffany (AKA Aunt Ti Ti ) visited 2 orphanages today. Vania's orphanage & another one in the mountains. They brought suckers & bubbles to pass out & enjoyed singing with the kids. They all wanted her to bring them home. Oh.. & they also chased her with chickens:) I think Haiti has worked it's way into her heart :) Haiti has a way of doing that to people.
By for now,

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sisters in Haiti

Hello from Haiti ! We are here & well :) We have been having technical difficulties AGAIN this trip with the laptop/internet. Luckily my sister was able to fix the laptop so we could access the internet today. Vania is doing really well :) NO crying this time when I picked her up . She was comfortable from the start happy , smiling and calling me mamma :) I brought a photo book for her of the family & she immediately pointed to Adam & said Papa. How awesome is that ? It melted my heart.

One of the coolest things so far has been using skype to talk to Adam & the kids. This is the first time the kids have been able to see Vania & hear her talk . It also has been great since Adam is not here for him to interact with her. I had peanut butter smears all over the computer screen from her kissing everyone :) So sweet !

I'm so glad Tiffany is here with me ! It is great to see her experience Haiti for the first time. No trip to the Orphanage yet though. But we have many days still ahead of us . Can't wait to share more when we return & lots & lots of pictures ! Bon Wit ( goodnight ) :)


Thursday, October 15, 2009


This week has been crazy busy ! I remember being busy but not THIS busy last time. Anyway I am packed & ready to leave tomorrow . Okay.. almost fully packed :) I want to thank all the people who have generously donated money or other items for the orphanage !! I am sure it will be greatly appreciated ! Please keep us in your prayers for good health & safe travels as well as the families we are leaving behind. We will be in Florida tomorrow then off to Haiti Saturday morning . YEAH !!!!! As always we will keep you posted !

Friday, October 9, 2009

Only One week !

Watching her sleep

Chasing me with big leaves !

Splashing in the pool :)

Where's Vania ?

I am very anxious ! Only one week away from starting on our second trip to Haiti. My head is spinning with what I need to get done for my family here before I leave & what I still need to pack & organize for the trip . But it will all come together eventually ! 7 days & counting :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A response from our Senator

It is nice to know that someone has heard our voice in the matter of the Haitian Children And Families Initiative. Now, we are hoping for action if this legislation comes before the Senate. Below is a response from Senator Sherrod Brown after contacting his office for support . Thank you Senator !

Dear Christopher:( Adam)

Thank you for getting in touch with me regarding proposed adoption legislation in Haiti.

The Haitian legislature is considering draft legislative proposals that would strengthen the regulation of both intercountry and domestic adoptions. While Haiti is not currently party to the Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption, this legislation is an important move in that direction.

I share your concern that proper protocol and procedures must be followed to ensure an efficient and safe adoption process for children and parents. I will continue to monitor this situation and should legislation regarding this issue come before the Senate, I will certainly keep your views in mind.

Thank you again for getting in touch with me.


Sherrod Brown
United States Senator

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Anniversary

12 years ago today, Adam & I officially started our family :) Adam & I went to the same small country high school. We knew each other and occasionally said hi, but we had different circles of friends. After high school we both ended up moving to the city to get our first apartments & go to college. An old chemistry partner of mine from high school, that Adam was still hanging out with, called information & happened to get my number ( after all how many Bambi's could there have been ? ) . My friends and his friends met up & the rest is history !

Thank you God for giving me such a wonderful husband & best friend ! Thank you for giving us such wonderful children to take care of & love . Thank you that you are in the buisness of building families in unique & different ways :)