Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Today we took the kids ice skating. For most of us it was the our first time ( all but Zoe & I ) and I have'nt been ice skating since I was probably Zoe's age ! We knew this adventure could go really good or really bad. Lucky for us as soon as we laced them up & sent them out on the ice,they were natural pros :) I helped Vania along and Adam was a good sport taking it slow & steady. No injuries & no major collisions. Everyone had a great time !

Can you believe that it was 60 degrees here today ?No coats for us ! We left the rink and got blasted by the warm breeze from outside. The snow & ice have melted & the kids are glad to finally be able to ride their scooters outside.

Now we're settled in for the night. Just hanging out, ready to bring in the New Year. I can't imagine a year more eventful than last year. But hey, you never know right ? Happy New Year !

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

She got her scooter :)

Holding onto dad for dear life !

Merry Christmas !!!!!

Vania is still buzzing around like a little bee after her first Christmas. I can tell she is totally over stimulated because she can't focus on anything but sorting through all the new Christmas treasures. A minute ago I found her lounging in the laundry basket with my new shoes on,Various items of clothing under her, her new Hello Kitty Scooter a water bottle she was chugging and her baby doll. That lasted all but five minutes then she was onto something else :)I may find her sound asleep under wrapping paper somewhere before I am done posting this. Everyone is tuckered out !
She has absolutely loved the Christmas holiday. She loves all the Christmas songs and performed with the other kids in our church Christmas program. She picked out her very first official ornament for the tree. A pink Christmas bulb with a little bow on the side that says Vania Anne 2010. Made chocolate covered pretzels with the kids. Saw Santa for the first time in which she was terrified at first. Now, every time we see a Santa ringing the bell for the Salvation Army she wants to go over to say hi. Then she says,"see mommy I'm not afraid of Santa anymore!" And the joy of opening her Hello Kitty scooter was priceless. "My Hello Kitty Scooter , My Hello Kitty Scooter, yes finally !" I believe were her words.
My favorite moments of the season..... putting -To :Vania Love, mom & dad -on her presents ! & hearing her wish everyone a Merry Christmas in her tiny little voice :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree !

Vania was very excited to put up the Christmas tree. Much more than the rest of us this year. I'm glad to have her young energetic spirit to get us in the Christmas mood :) All she is asking for is a "Hello Kitty Cooter (scooter ) " for Christmas. And she reminds me about 100 times a day :) I finally told her that she would have to take it up with Santa, since he'll be the one bringing it. Unfortunately for her, we have skipped all the outrageously long lines to sit on Santa's lap so far this year . But she will get her chance to give Santa her list next weekend at our church Christmas party. We'll have to keep you posted.

She was excited to find an ornament we made for her last Christmas with her picture inside.

Taking her picture in front of the tree started out well until.........

.......She decided rolling her eyes back in perfect time with the flash was much more fun :)

She just cracked herself up !

This is the morning after we put up the tree. She had to count all the candy canes to make sure they were there.