Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Officially Official

At 11:50 am today Vania officially became an Estep !
I was going over vocabulary words with Zane yesterday & one of his words was ADOPT. The definition given was CHOOSE. I thought about how powerful & simple that definition was. I truly believe that Vania was CHOSEN for us long before we had decided to adopt. I believe that by CHOOSING to open our home& heart to a child God has continued to be faithful by unlocking doors & removing obstacles that laid in the way to complete her adoption & bring her home. We are very honored to be her forever family!!!!! We love you sweet Vania Anne Estep XOXOXOXOXOXO

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back to school

There is a reason why I enjoy the back to school commercials where the parents are skipping along filling their baskets with school supplies. Yep, by the time we reach the end of the summer we are ready to go back to school ! Myself & the kids included. Although the school year will look a little different for us this year. we are at an even split. 2 at home & 2 at school.

We decided to keep Zane home this year & try homeschooling him. If you would have told me this just six months ago I would have said you were crazy. But after talking with some of my homeschooling friends this summer,prayer, & my partner in crime ( Mr. Adam ), we thought this would be a great opprotunity for Zane to focus more on his academics & less on his social network. & probably the most important thing which is to make learning FUN for him again. We've picked out some awesome curriculum & are joining a local co-op where he will take three enrichment classes once a week with other 7th graders. Plus he will continue with football, basketball through the fall & winter.

Miss Zoe started the 5th grade, Carson the 2nd grade so far so good. Both are enjoying seeing friends again and their new teachers. They are both in soccer & have practice on the same field this time. Which helps out A lot !

Miss V hasn't quite figured out why Zoe & Carson are leaving on the bus every day & asks over & over where they are during the day. she is my bus spotter in the afternoon. Her job is to keep an eye out for the bus while I try to wrap up the chores for the day. She is being assessed next Friday for a preschool program. If she does not start preschool through this particular program , I will be working with her at home this year as well.

Most importantly, this week is Vania's finalization. Tuesday at 11:00am we head to the court house. Please keep us in your prayers !!!!!!! The attorney seems to think we have everything in place. Our fingers & toes are crossed .

Monday, August 9, 2010

Trailer for Unstoppable

This is the official trailer for the movie Unstoppable . A movie based on a true story involving my brother in law. His character is played by Chris Pine. Check it out. It's rated PG 13. Looks like a great action/suspense movie . Coming out this November !

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ahoy Mateys

Many of you know my sister " Aunt Ti Ti ".She went with me last October on the parent trip to Haiti. Well........ She is having a baby boy. We went to her pirate themed baby shower last weekend & it was a blast. The kids loved dressing up as pirates & running a muck :) Tiffany is 36 wks along & doing great ! Please keep her in your prayers. We will let you know when the little ( or according to the doctor , not so little ) land lubber makes his debut :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Congrats Marlin's

The coaches picked a nick name for every kid on the team. That is 150 plus names !
Did I mention we have awesome coaches !! :)

We wrapped up swim team last night with the end of the season swim banquet. The JV team were runners up in the SESL & Varsity were grand champions ! We are super proud of all the kids & were glad to have enjoyed another fun summer of swim team :)

Her are some pictures of what the other 2 fish are up to at the pool ........

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Can You Believe It ?

Vania has been home six months ! Yikes.. time has roared by us :) Everyday she was in Haiti felt like a lifetime. Just waiting & waiting by the computer for mail. Now I hardly have time to check it. And that's a good thing !
I was trying to think about what to put as an update, but really nothing to major to report. No more doctors appointments until December. She has been healthy as a horse ! Eating awesome ! Playing, running ,jumping, swimming & swimming some more. Her language has EXPLODED. She amazes me with how clear and well she can express herself. She is funny, smart as a whip and ornery as can be.
We took her for her second trip to the beauty shop today to get her hair trimmed. It had become quite apparent that she had two toned hair. Orange ( about 1 in ) at the ends and the rest dark brown. I was sad to see the length go. But her hair looks much healthier now and one thing is for sure... it will grow. So hair time will be easy for awhile. We stopped at Walmart & got some new bows & barrettes to tide us over :) Back to the fro & we LOVE it !