Wednesday, July 28, 2010


UGH !!!!!! Our finalization date has been moved to the end of the month. Apparently the letters from the government aren't fully satisfying & the judge would feel better if he had a signed affidavit from the lady who helped draft the letters. Can we get through 3 more weeks without more paperwork being requested ? We will see.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Busy Busy

splash pad

the splash pad

hunting for crayfish

water falls

paddle boats

Summer is still in full swing . We wrap up swimming this week but add football. This week they will overlap, so as they say when the going gets tough the tough get going, right ? Or maybe they just make it on lots of coffee & diet coke :)
Here are pictures of some other summer fun we've been up to ......

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Super Z B Day

I can't believe Zane turned 12 today ! Holy smokes, it has been a fast twelve years ! I vividly remember starting to go into labor with him. Adam & I had decided to go out one last time for dinner & a movie before being parents for the first time. I was looking at being induced because I was 1 week over due & miserable. We went out for steak then headed to the movies to see Something About Mary. Not very far into the movie I started having horrible back pain and as Adam laughed his rear off next to me, I winced in pain. Until finally I couldn't sit any longer and we needed to leave. We went home and things calmed down once I went to bed. Then at 1am I woke up to more contractions & we headed to the hospital. At 6am my my little 6 lb. 3oz. baby boy was born. And now I think 12 years later it will be one good growth spurt & he will be as tall as I am ( maybe taller ). Happy birthday big guy! Thanks for making me a mom for the first time:) ! We love you soooo much!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

We've got papers !

So... we haven't talked much about what is going on with the adoption process itself because really nobody seems to know. A lot of theories but nothing concrete, until recently. Our agency told us that we should be expecting a letter from USCIS (immigration ) & HHS ( Health & Human Services ) outlining the steps needed by each adoptive family to complete their adoption . & Wha La ... We received them Saturday. It clearly states to the local/state courts that we have consent from the above parties necessary to complete Vania's adoption. Way cool ! We are waiting word from our attorney, but she had stated in an earler conversation that she thought this would satisfy the judge with his earlier request of an affidavit from the orphanage approving the adoption of Vania. We have a finalization appointment scheduled for August 3rd. Keeping our fingers crossed !!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mini Va-Ca

Playing at East Harbor Beach

Riding Miller's Ferry

Cruising Put in Bay in our stylin' golf cart

Gem mining at Perry's Cave

This weekend we decided to go on a mini vacation to Lake Erie. It was a great getaway. Not to far of a drive. Beautiful weather !!!! Just enough activity to keep busy not not want to pull our hair out :) I think we will look into a longer stay next summer. The kids kept saying it was the best vacation ever. So there you go :) I'm sold !

The funniest story of the trip would have to be Vania at the beach. She would stand at the waters edge ( Dry sand ) and try to dive head first arms & legs flailing into the water pretending to swim. It gave the expression a fish out of water new meaning. I wanted to get it on video but you never knew when she would decide to try to ride the surf :)

Then as we tried to eat dinner on our blanket she kept yelling across the beach at the other kids " NO TOUCH MY STUFF ". The beach was CROWDED and I think every other kid had about the same sand toys as us. So... even though nobody was touching her STUFF, it apparently looked like they were to her :) What a hoot.

Happy 4th of July :)