Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

Zoe chillin' in the deep end

Zane keeping cool

Papa & Vania playing at the pool

Carson building a fort for shade at the pool

chowing down at the church Memorial Day picnic

learning to fill water guns

Vania showing off her flowers she helped plant

Zoe graduates from elementary school

Great weather continued all week here. A little spotty with light showers this morning. But by noon lots of sun & time for the pool ! 3 more days of school left. Then time to switch gears again. Zane & Zoe will be doing swim team. Carson is joining the summer playground program ( kinda like a day camp through out the week ) & little V & I will be getting things done around here so we all can enjoy the pool in the afternoon. No big vacations planned this year. Just hangin' out :)

We do have a prayer request. Our friend & adoption coordinator from Wasatch will be traveling to Haiti this week. While she is there she will be trying to get some much needed documentation that the judge here in Ohio is requesting in order to finalize Vania's adoption. Some states are finalizing the Haitian adoptions with just the humanitarian parole papers. Our judge is saying that is not enough & needs an affidavit from the orphanage giving consent for Vania's adoption. We know that God has not brought Vania this far to pull the carpet out from under us. But we also know that getting consent from the O in Haiti is no walk in the park. Not that the O wouldn't agree to sign the affidavit but that getting the paperwork done takes some time & effort. Especially after the quake. Please pray Chareyl would be able to come home with the consent. Please also pray for her safety & for the work she will be trying to accomplish for the building of the new orphanage called Bel Haiti.

Hope everyone has a great finish to the long holiday weekend!

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Heat Is On

85 degrees today & sunny ! Whoo Hooo !!! Bring on summer !

Sunday, May 23, 2010


No pomp & circumstance for us for awhile. Even though I do have a few graduation cards to send out. But we have officially graduated in the care of our hair '' STUFF " ! Ever since we came home all of the combs, brushes , clips, spritz's, bows , headbands etc etc. have been thrown into a Sally's Beauty supply bag I purchased about 1 week after bringing Vania home. Big zip loc bags were home to a zillion barrettes , snaps, ballies & bows. I new change was a coming every time the bag of goodies was dumped on the shag carpet needing to be picked out or eventually swept up in the vacuum or between my toes :) I've gone back to the caboodle of old days. Sadly enough it is already filled. But it has been very helpful in organizing everything and much easier to send someone to find something in the middle of styling. My Sally's Bag still holds the brushes , combs & some products. I have become what I have heard some people refer to as a PJ ( product junkie ). We eventually may need an extra closet !!!! I LOVE her hair.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Haitian Flag Day

Haitian Flag Day was yesterday May 18th. I LOVE this song ! Thanks to another adoptive mom for sharing this on her blog.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Grudge

No, Not the scary movie but what a 2 1/2 year old does when she wants her way :) Today is my birthday. Vania & I went to Sam's club to pick out a cake for tonight.
I should tell you that all day when I say "Happy Birthday to Mommy " She squeals " Me June, Me June !"." Yes, I reply. And when it's your birthday mommy will have a party & a big cake just for you. "
We made our way back to the bakery & I selected a big chocolate cake with white butter cream frosting. YUMMY ! Then little bit decided she wanted her cake too. So again I reminded her of her upcoming party but that mommy was going to share her cake with everyone tonight. "NO!" she replied. So I left Sam's with my disgruntled princess and headed home.
Sound asleep on the way home . I figured maybe she just needed the sleep. ( And grateful for the break in action). I gently put her to bed, and 1 1/2 hours later this is how she woke up..............

Still Mad


holding a grudge

Maybe It's all the rain & clouds today. I'm sure all will be well after we cut the cake tonight. And might I add I am super excited for her birthday in 2 wks.It will be very special, and ALL HERS!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Video Update

I realized I haven't posted any new video of Vania for awhile. So, since it is a slow week for news I took this short video this afternoon. Short because some of the videos I do have tend to run long & won't upload to blogger. I chose to keep this short & sweet. Just like little V :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Haitian Playdate State Side

Last night Vania & I had a great opprotunity to meet with three other mothers & their new daughters who just arrived from Haiti. You could call it our first Haitian play date here in the USA. We were so fortunate when we traveled to Haiti to have a great group of parents & kids to hang with at the hotel. It is definitely something we miss. Fortunately God is always faithful & has given us a new group of friends to get to know here locally. I am super excited to get to know them & share the unique journey and common bond of adopting from Haiti.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Why ?

This is Vania's new fav word for the last couple days . I have to say I'm a little tired of trying to explain " why " every time, but she's so darn cute when she says it. Her English is really coming along. She says a lot of 2-3 word phrases. Another favorite is "Just a second . " Which apparently I must say a lot:)It's her new favorite phrase when you are asking her to do something like... please unlock the bathroom door Vania. " Just a second" her little voice squeaks out :) Too cute.
She is also eating like a horse ! Loving the spaghetti & sloppy joes . The 2 yr old is giving her brothers & sister a run for their money in the food department. I find myself repeating "if she can finish, so can you " almost every meal time..I'm hoping she will start putting on some weight. She is growing up but not out.
We also had some friends give Vania a tricycle. She was a litle frustrated at first. But practice makes perfect. She is zooming now. I just can't get the song from the wizard of Oz out of my head... you know the one where the mean lady is haulin' tail on her bike with the little dog. Because Vania is all buisness when she gets the wheels moving :)
I can't believe she has already been here 3 months. Time is flying by & she grows up a little more every day.I'm glad she's here so we can catch every minute. We were at the orthodontist again today & one of the ladies said " WOW she has really blossomed " & That she has. She is one healthy happy little girl.