Sunday, April 24, 2011

Long Time, No Post

I love to wear moms glasses !

It's been awhile, but we are still here ! Life never seemed to uncrazy after the New Year. We are doing well, just living life. An update on Vania... At her annual doctors appointment they said she has grown 6 inches and gained eleven pounds in a year. The doctor was quite impressed and even took her out to remeasure her to make sure the nurse was right :) That's what 3 meals a day,exercise and a loving family will do for ya. She said the sweetest thing on the couch the other day. We were talking about how big she was getting & then she asked " But why am I getting so big ? " and I said " Because you are eating good and exercising... " And she interjects " Doing my flips! " ( translation , gymnastics ). ". " Yes", I agreed. " She was quiet for a second and then said "You take care of me. ", Very seriously.
And my heart melted For sure :)

We have had our civil surgeon appointment and really need to get on the ball finishing the paperwork for citizenship. But, it'll get done. We have filed our taxes attaching a w-7 and just got word back that they need an adoption decree and receipts from the adoption process in order to receive the adoption tax credit, which we faxed over Friday.... So sounds like we will not need to get her SSN before we get the credit. PRAISE GOD !

I think I will be starting a new blog. More of a family blog now that our adoption process is coming to an end. It has been a wild ride, but well worth the journey. Thank you to all who have followed. Now, it's time to move forward on our new adventures. This last year has been a blur & I finally feel like we are settled as a family unit. So hopefully you will pop over and check out our adventures. I haven't got it together yet, but when I do I will let you know.

Today, Easter 2011