Thursday, April 29, 2010

One Week

Ready to go on the fridge !

It has been 1 week since Vania's surgery . She is doing great ! Her appetite started to come back yesterday & she has been way more active & giggly the past 2 days. The hard part has been weaning her off her staples of potato chips, 7-up , popsicles & Ramen Noodles that she has been living on. And getting her back on track from the pampered princess program :)
I am so relieved to see her running around and full of energy. Part of me wondered before surgery ... " Is this necessary ?" But After what they found& the difference in breathing now, I'm sure it was. I layed her down for a nap yesterday & questioned whether she was asleep or not because I couldn't hear her breathing . The swelling & drainage are really clearing out so her breathing is relaxed & quiet. What a blessing. The snoring before just made me cringe to think how difficult it must be to get any rest or for that matter any air. If I laid beside her I would constantly be repositioning her trying to relax her breathing.. Well no more of that. Sleep well my little angel. The flood gates have been opened !

Monday, April 26, 2010

Big Brother Turns 7

2 Babies ! That was our new normal for awhile . & some days it still is. My youngest boy and my youngest girl.
Carson has had the roughest time of all 3 kids adjusting to his new little sister. He did not like being ousted from his throne of being the baby. So when people would tell him he's not the baby anymore, I would just say..... I can have 2 babies :)Which it has definitely been like at times these first 2 1/2 months.
He has been slowly adjusting to sharing his toys, his house & his parents attention. But Now they are both playing together more than competing & whether Carson realizes it or not , he is becoming a great big brother! He just needed a little time.
So today my little man turned 7 yrs. old. It's hard to believe.
As much as i like seeing you be the BIG brother Carson, Don't grow -up too fast ! We both need a little time :)Happy Birthday !!!! We love you !

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Guest Blogger:

Hey, Adam here. Just wanted to drop a quick note regarding Vania's surgery. It went fine. In and to speak! The Doctor said that her tonsils were so big (all together now: "how big were they") that they were nearly touching the uvula (or, that thing that hangs in the back of your mouth for those of us that can't pronounce "uvula"). He also said that her adenoids were blocking nearly 70% of her nasal passages - something like that.

That's a relief to know that her airway will be clearer now. Maybe she'll get some better sleep now!

Later - and thanks for all of the prayers!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Open Wide

Not to much to report this week ! Just another busy week where I couldn't really point to exactly why it was busy , I just know it was :)

Zane got his braces on last week. The first few days his teeth were very tender and had trouble eating due to his palate expander, but he has adapted . Adam & I laugh because he takes better care of his teeth NOW than he ever had before.After 11 1/2 years no need for reminders or tooth checks. He is the master of brushing and flossing ( for now :) You know, It only took 5,000 dollars worth of braces to get him motivated :)

Vania has her tonsils & adenoids removed tomorrow. Please pray for her. I expect the surgery to be pretty routine. Hope the doctors have that extra cup of coffee in the morning. I am a little worried about her being anxious waking up in the hospital attached to an I.V etc.Please pray that God would just calm her anxious heart , or keep her somewhat sedated :) We are supposed to being staying over night but I am praying she would being doing so well that we would be released tomorrow evening. I'm sure she can rest better at home, but I understand the precautions they are taking.

Not too much new on the adoption process. We are still working on getting what the judge needs to process her case. If any one would like to share their adoption process after the quake that would be great ! You can e-mail us or leave a comment here.

It sounds like there are a lot of new positive changes coming to Hope for little Angels of Haiti. You can read the updates on our friend Lori's blog !

I'm also still working the hair. Trying different styles and products . so if you have any feedback on favorite products or styles I'd love to hear them :)

I had to add this....
So the nurse calls for a pre-op hx on Vania after I get done writing this.. You know how it is with kids. She's bouncing around the furniture climbing my legs, etc. etc. I'm trying to keep her occupied why listening at the same time. Then she decides she wants to walk Cleo. So she gets the leash down And I help her put it on the dog. Then she starts running around the room yelling " Cleo CHIT Cleo CHIT " Which sounded as if she wanted cleo to use the bathroom right there in the living room. In Creole the word for sit is Chita, pronounced SHEE-TAH. Good lord, I know Cleo was thinking" I prefer the back yard thank you" & I don't know what the kind nurse thought on the phone. She asked if Vania was in speech therapy early in the conversation & I said no. But she was probably thinking " What is she teaching this kid! "


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our Spring line- up

Soccer is in full swing . Which equals = 3 players, 2 fields a practice or game almost every-night of the week , soccer for most of Saturday & 2 tired parents :) But the pay off is that we have come out of our winter hibernation & are getting our bodies moving. The kids are having fun & I certainly enjoy watching them play. A little too much sometimes( as I've been told :) Adam has been coaching Zane's team which requires a little more juggling between the other 2 but I'm glad they get to spend the time together & I know Zane enjoys having his dad be THE COACH !

Vania has been tuckered out lately with all the running. She has been letting us lay her down at 8:30 or so with out needing the kids to lay down too. The weather has been nice so I've been trying to get out with the joggong stroller more often which means more naps & a less grumpy 2 year old ( & mommy )in the evenings. We have been working on re-potty training Vania. She was potty trained when we met her last June in Haiti. But after picking her up in Miami I was afraid because of the stress & new environment not to have her in pull -ups. I think that because the diaper is super absorbent she doesn't mind the " portable toilet " if you know what I mean. Although she does mind going #2 in her pull up & has only done that 1x. We started the sticker chart & she has been excited to get her stickers. She is telling me more when she has to pee pee but not quite getting the fact that I don't just want to know WHEN she's peeing but that I would prefer it go in the toilet.

We had yes ANOTHER shower Sunday. This time by our church. We have been so fortunate to have all this support & great friends. One of the coolest things was a scrap book made by a friend of Adams, Dawna, who he used to work with. It has pictures from when we first met Vania last June until we brought her home. Vania loved it & just giggled on our laps as we flipped through the pages. & of course she carried around her loot just thrilled that it was HERS !

Adam is teaching our home church this week & it never fails that we have some sort of appliances break every time he teaches. So this time it was our desk top computer & the kids cell phone! So i have more pics to share but for some reason I can't find the pictures easily on this lap top & I'm running out of time anyway. So bye for now .

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Eggs & Candy

My first Easter:)

This is hard work !

Ready to help Papa with my new bubble blower mower !

Sorry for the belated Easter post :) By the time Easter Day ended this bunny was too tired to type !

Which are how a lot of my days end . We had a great Easter & end to spring break. Awesome weather here !

Vania was a little confused about coloring the Easter Eggs. She thought I meant we were going to scramble some eggs to eat & said NO!. She was loving the scrambled eggs for breakfast, but that wore off after awhile. Once she saw the other kids coloring the eggs she caught on quickly & had a good time. Then for breakfast the next morning we discovered she likes hard boiled eggs :) Oh , and also CANDY ! She hasn't had much of a sweet tooth but... that's all I heard on Easter . Everything we asked her to do.... "CANDY?". Like okay, I'll do it if candy is involved. I'm glad we only bought a little this year . Short & sweet candy madness ! No pictures of her pretty Easter dress. It was too chaotic Easter morning & by the time we got back from church her sweet yellow dress was covered in chocolate :) Then I put a second out- fit on & it too became covered with chocolate before going to my mom's for Easter dinner. The Easter bunny can stock me up on Shout or spray & wash next year .

As I mentioned in my other post she is in this hiding phase. The night before Carson wanted to play hide the Easter eggs & find them like the Easter bunny. She did not like that game because she was sure he was stealing them :) The neighbors came over to play and she immediately went and gathered up her Easter Basket and hide it in the kitchen , along with her new bubble blower from Grandma & Grandpa :) She is so not used to having things that are HERS ONLY. She is always sure someone is trying to take her stuff. But she was glad to share her Cheeto's & animal cookies. So I think she's just a matter of teaching her the difference between sharing things that are for everyone and knowing which things are for her only. Like the toys at COSI vs. her bubble blowing lawn mover.

My next door neighbor came over and offered to braid Vania's hair. Of course I jumped at the chance. It only took her about 10 min. At first I was a little hesitant that Vania wouldn't let her.
But with Easter basket & lawn mover in hand we sat down together & she didn't make a peep.I was amazed at how fast our neighbors fingers were moving. She got her hair done lickity split. Too bad she was just visiting her mother in law for the holiday weekend. I would love to learn more from her. Hopefully she didn't mind my 20 bazillion questions about hair & comes back over to visit soon:)

I forgot to mention in my last post about Vania's Hematology appointment. They think that she may have a hemoglobin disorder. Her red- blood cells are smaller than usual , which may be why on her original medical report from Haiti they had marked that she had" sickling of cells"that should be followed up in the US. So ,they took more blood & are having it sent to a lab in Boston to determine the exact Hemoglobin disorder. The results will not change her care or really have much impact on her general health. The doctor said it is genetic & is something Vania will need to know in the future for surgery or family planning. Her iron may always be low & that will just be HER normal. She said it should not impact her having her adenoids & tonsils out. And she feels any type of blood transfusion is not necessary. All good news. She asked if Vania seemed tired all the time & I had to laugh. I wouldn't know since that is the reason she needs surgery. She has such a hard time sleeping anyway. But I'm sure having chronic low iron doesn't help.

Enjoying the sunshine !

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Break...AWHHH

The Family at COSI ( Center of Science & Industry )

More COSI The favorite part for little ones. Getting wet :)
I'm glad they provide raincoats !

Yeah ! We finally moved back into our rooms !

Blogging has become so sporadic now that I need to go back & look through my pictures on the camera to see where I left off :) We are on spring break this week & it has been GREAT ! No big vacation or anything but it has been wonderful to not have anything big going on & Adam being home. We have not had any down time as a family since Vania came home. So we've done a little work finishing the girl's/boy's rooms & getting them moved back in & as we speak Adam is working on our room. The goal to get it done this week so the carpeting can get done & we can get the house back in order.

We've also had some fun taking the kids to COSI, hanging out with family, starting the soccer season ( the 3 older kids are playing, Vania thinks she is too though & wears the extra set of shin guards to practice :) , having a picnic tomorrow & of course the Easter Bunny comes this Sunday.

I have a short Vania story. Of course , this was Vania's first visit to COSI. They have an awesome little kids area with tons of stuff to do. Anyway she had decided to start taking the toys and putting them in a little hideout which I was instructed to sit in & guard I suppose,. Every time I tried to leave she would point back to the spot she wanted me to sit while she went out & found more toys to hide. Anyway this went on for awhile & then a little boy found the hideout of toys & decided he would take some out. You know she only had THREE large riding toys in there. Anyway I gave him one explaining to Vania it was okay , look you still have TWO. She looked at the boy blinked several strong blinks & grunted in disgust. I just had to turn my head & giggle. This little boy had no idea he had just been told off by this little 2 year old girl. & neither did his parents :) In Haiti blinking is a sign that someone is not happy with you. The grunt is something a little extra , I think :) I figure it could have been worse... hitting biting etc.

On the adoption side, not much is new. Our post placement appointment went well. It felt weird seeing as I always pictured having it when the adoption is final. IBESR requested a letter about Vania's adjustment & pictures which we took care of & forwarded to Wasatch. Our attorney is asking for more info for the courts as they try to figure out the adoption process for the children on Humanitarian Parole. I just long for the day when the paperwork is DONE. Please pray they would get the legalities of these Haitian adoptions sorted out & these children's adoptions finalized SOON.
Duty calls :)