Saturday, January 30, 2010


It has been a long but awesome day. I can already start to feel my stress level decreasing :) We arrive in Miami at 10:30am. By the time we got our luggage & rented a car it was 12:00pm. We arrived at His House Children's Home at around 12:30. We did a little bit of paperwork which had not only been faxed to ORR (Office Of Refugee Resettlement) but we had also filled out & brought ourselves. This made things go very quickly. While they reviewed our paperwork we went to visit Vania.She was quite at first, but again no tears. In about half an hour she was back to her feisty little self. She looks good, is eating well No diarrhea. She does have large blister on her right hand which we don't know what happened but it is healing.And her left earring hole looks like it may have been infected recently but that is also healing.Our paperwork was done in a couple hours & we are now her "sponsors". this means we have legal custody of her until our adoption is finalized in the State Of Ohio. YEAH!!!!!!!!!! We hung out a little longer at the Children's home to see all the parents coming in before we left. Totally awesome to see the children re-united to their forever families.They are all doing SUPER. And also awesome to see our fearless Team Hope! We cannot thank them enough for being our hereos & getting these kids home. We are forever grateful!Thank you for all your prayers & support. Please know that God has used all of you to play a part in bringing them home. That's how he operates. He uses the Body of Christ. The family business.

NBC Nightly News

This is a video with our kids getting ready to get on the plane. We're getting ready to leave for Miami. (CLICK ON THE POST TITLE TO VIEW VIDEO)

P.S. An angel left our luggage that had gone to Salt Lake City the other day on our porch last night! All is good!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Going To Miami

We head out to Miami early morning. We should be there by 11:00AM .Then we will be heading to a the shelter where they are bringing the children tonight. Visiting hours are 10-5pm. We are able to visit, eat & play with Vania during those hours. Once our documentation is cleared we can bring her home. Right now we have a flight for Monday to bring her back ! We will keep you posted. Thank you for all your thoughts , prayers & support:) Please pray for the kids as they arrive in Florida. I know they have had a long , long day ( weeks ) ! Pray for safe travels for the parents & for protection of the families they are leaving at home while traveling . GOOD NIGHT !
from Lori....
I'd ask that you wait 2 more hours before booking flights. We should know by then if they're letting them stay on the plane in Miami while USCIS agents process paperwork (which is what we're hoping and praying can happen SOMEHOW) or if they are forcing them off the plane and into the shelter process.

Congratulations! One way or the other they'll be on American soil and well cared for tonight!!

I'll keep you posted.

From Lori....



Granted travel papers

Congressman Pat Tiberi's office called & they said they just received notice moments ago that Vania has been granted her travel papers ! Right now they are still waiting to board the plane .

Still wating to board

From Scott an adoptive dad with the children.......

We are waiting again. We are sitting in a tent - 100 feet from the plane waiting for something. probably the embassy to bring over our paperwork.

Keep Praying !!!!!

On Their Way

They are on their way to a plane !!!!! The question is Florida Or Utah ? We should know soon where we will be flying. Praise God !! They are coming !!!!!!!!!!!!


WAITING ( Vania is in the middle , blue/white dress )

Haitian children may be headed to Utah after all

By Dennis Romboy
Deseret News
Published: Friday, Jan. 29, 2010 8:10 a.m. MST

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — About 60 Haitian children appeared to be on their way to the United States this morning after Utahns say they obtained permission from the Haitian government to move them off the island.

Highland resident Steve Studdert, who arrived in Haiti late Thursday night with the 130-member Utah Hospital Task Force, met with Haitian government officials this morning. The meeting was the latest piece in a severely jumbled puzzle that may finally have come together in a way that will allow the children, most of whom are being adopted by Utahns, to join their new families.

The Army's 82nd Airborne Division was slated to transfer the children from the Foyer de Sion orphanage in Fontemara to the Port-au-Prince airport, where the plane that brought the task force to Haiti sat overnight. The early plan was for the children to fly to Miami for processing. The children had or were in the process of obtaining the humanitarian parole status they needed before Haitian and U.S. government decisions effectively froze the exodus of children from the quake-torn country.

It is unknown how soon the children would be united with their adoptive parents in Utah and other states. Parents had earlier hoped the children would fly directly to Salt Lake City, but word came Thursday that the children would have to spend a few days in a shelter in Florida.

The children's planned arrival at the Port-au-Prince airport this morning would end a weeklong, back-and-forth negotiation between the two governments. The final talks began as soon as the Utah Hospital Task Force touched down in Haiti late Thursday night and continued Friday morning. Parents and task force officials planned all along to have the children fly to the States on the same plane that brought the task force.
Studdert, a former Reagan Administration official, and orphanage leaders met with Haitian officials at about 8:30 a.m. local time.

Many of the children have been sleeping on a concrete driveway and in tents under banana trees at the orphanage overrun with children who lost their homes in the Jan. 12 earthquake.

Chareyl Moyes, a Wasatch International Adoption program manager for Haiti, has been at the orphanage since last week trying secure all the government-required paperwork.

From JCICS........

Haitian Government Issues No Travel Approves Since Announcement

Posted in Uncategorized on January 29, 2010 by Be The Answer

On January 24, the Haitian government announced that all children exiting the country on humanitarian parole must be approved, on an individual basis, by the Haitian government. It is our understanding that to date, no agreement has been reached on the process by which the approvals will be issued. It is also our understanding that to date, the Haitian government has not begun reviewing individual cases and has issued no travel approvals.

Joint Council strongly supports reasonable efforts to ensure the protection of children and encourages the Haitian government to protect children with great urgency. The the review and approval of individual cases should begin immediately. Children who have or will qualify for humanitarian parole yet have not received travel approval from the Haitian government continue to be at significant risk. Inadequate safe shelter, food, water and medical care combined with the risk of aftershocks places children in unnecessary danger. Children should be protected in a holistic manner. The protection of one right at the expense of the right to safety, food, safe shelter and a family invalidates the legitimacy of current child protection measures.


The sun rises on another day in Haiti. Hope our children are safe & sound. Hope the Embassy is up and running. Hope the Prime Minister & Ambassador meet today. Hope our files ARE their priority.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Staying Put

Our plane was delayed about a half hour. We were stressed because it looked like we weren't going to make it to our connecting flight out of Dallas. So we boarded. They were packed & trying to get everyone quickly seated . I asked Adam to check the e-mail one more time and we got the news.No kids flying tonight. Then I said we have to get off this plane NOW. So after trying to be patient with people pushing to get on the plane we decided to go for it." Sorry we have to get off this plane!" we kept saying. I'm sure we caused a slight scene but.....we got off the plane. Our luggage went to Salt Lake. But hey, it should be here by afternoon tomorrow. Yes we are frustrated& drained but have moved on. One thing that this process has taught me is not to give up. We will hang tough, be resilient, rise to the occasion & we WILL persevere. We have not been told she will never come home. It is a matter of when. She is in good hands. Thank you to Lori & all of Team Hope for your passion for these children & hard work helping to get them home. You inspire us all:)

Plan B ... we are staying put . If the Prime minister signs the papers they could be flying them to Miami soon.

I don't even know what to say. We have done everything we could think of to try to make this smooth and efficient and easy on our families and, especially the children. We've found out in the last few hours that it isn't enough.

Here's the latest.

1. We all have Humanitarian Parole. Now we need the Prime Minister's signature in order for our children to be authorized to leave the country.
2. While Chareyl was at the Embassy this afternoon, they announced that the Prime Minister was leaving - for Canada. What Chareyl told me was that unless you could take someone to wherever he was immediately and stand in front of him until he chose to sign your papers, there was nothing they could do.

3. Additionally, we have been trying to make this transition as painless as possible for the children. We've been working for days with all the different agencies and departments trying to make sure we have every T crossed and I dotted.

I cannot even begin to tell you what we've been through in the last week and a half, trying to wade through the marsh of bureaucracy so that you wouldn't have to. We've tried to prep agencies and groups and make everyone aware of these children and this group and their plight. I have made the comment several times in the last week that I could not see how it was possible that I could be doing this as my volunteer full-time job for so many days and still have gov't departments give me new "requirements" and processes and signatures needed for each department to be happy.

Just a couple of hours ago, we were notified.... well, I won't even go into all the random stuff that we've been notified.

Here's the short list:
If you Child is Category II (which nearly all of us are)

When the Prime Minister or other appropriate Haitian official finally decides to sign the paperwork and our children are finally released to travel, we have no say in what happens to them for the next 2-3 days. The child will be taken to Miami and will be taken into custody of the OOR. They will take your child to a shelter in Miami. They have suggested that we do NOT arrive at the Miami Airport as you won't be able to see them there. The children will be taken via back ways to ensure that they aren't a media spectacle.
When the OOR knows when our children are arriving (because the PM has finally signed the paperwork) we'll be notified of which shelter will have them. They said they will send me out a "Welcome Letter" to tell us which hotels are in the area of the shelters where the children will be. You will be able to go and visit them and play with them during the day, but at night they will be staying at the shelter and you will be returning to your hotel. They said it typically takes 2-3 days for their process to confirm all is well with the child and that you are who you say you are, etc, etc, etc.

I tried. I really did. I am still sending them the packets that they said they could preprocess and I'm hoping that they will actually do that and that it will shorten the time your children will be in a shelter.

At this point, we have esclated to Senators Hatch and Crapo and Congressman Larsen as well as anyone else that would listen to my friend Brian at Utah - DHS. We're demanding that the US government find an alternative to the signature of a Prime Minister who obviously doesn't put the children first.

I would suggest you stay where you are for the moment. If they fix the signature fiasco and get someone else to authorize the files, we'll be on the next plane to Miami and you'll need to know which shelter your child(ren) wil be at. If they don't fix the signature fiasco, you'll need to be able to escalate and rally your local elected officials.

I think I'll start to send you some of the emails that outline what we've been through these last days. I feel like we've tried - all the way along - to do what we were asked to do and be "good citizens" and because our children weren't lucky enough to have the lousy Haitian process get them "far enough along" that our government could consider them Category I orphans. Those kids skip all this OOR shelter crap.

These poor kids have been the victim over and over and over again. They just can't catch a break. And neither can their families.

I'll keep you posted if I get any news. I wish this had worked out. We are still going to send the packets down, as I mentioned and I hope that will make things easier for your families when you do hit a border somewhere.


afternoon update

I just spoke to Chareyl from the Embassy. They have told her that all of your children are in the "first batch" to be signed by the Prime Minister. We need this signature to allow our children to get on the plane.

We have been working diligently with the people trying to arrange the flights in and the custody and the transfer of things between different agencies. We still need some miracles there as well. Sometimes it seems like every department has their own checks and balances that they are trying to confirm and follow and, while we appreciate order, we need things to work out as well.

Please continue to pray. If the Prime Minister doesn't sign these papers today, they're not getting on a plane tonight. The good news is, whenever he DOES sign the papers, they'll be on the next plane.

Many thanks to Brian Hyer at Utah Department of Homeland Security, Laura Trinnaman at For Every Child Adoptions and the Utah Medical Task Force for all the work they have done and continue to do to try to get this plane in the right place for these kids. When this is all over we'll have many, many stories to tell you.

I'll call you as soon as I get word about which plane they're on and their clearance for travel. KEEP PRAYING - we need these last few things to line up.

Please contact me with any questions.



update from Lori,

See below from Senator Hatch's office.

Marie at USCIS told Chareyl said last night that "if" Haiti started approving files, our groups would be at the top of the list because we've been in queue so long.

I'll keep you posted as I get more information.

Seriously.... PRAY.

We have done EVERYTHING we can do and somethings we didn't know we could do. Everything from here on out is gonna be Divine Intervention....


Hi Lori,

Thank you for your e-mails and updates. Moments ago I just heard from the USCIS Headquarters. They indicated that the Government of Haiti has begun reviewing the cases. That does not yet mean that the kids can leave; however, USCIS and State Department are hopeful things will move forward very soon.


Sharon Garn

Office of Senator Hatch

Thursday Jitters

The plan is to press forward & catch a plane out of Columbus at 6pm tonight that will take us to Utah late evening. The children are STILL waiting for approval to travel. And EVERYTHING possible is being done to make sure they are able to get on the plane arriving to pick them up in Port Au Prince tonight.

I am trying to tie up loose ends here to leave & finish packing. It has been much easier to pack for a trip to Utah than a trip to Haiti :) No worries with bed bugs , clean water , hairdryer or whatever :)

We are fired up today ! Anxious & Waiting. Please PRAY LIKE YOU'VE NEVER PRAYED BEFORE that ALL the kids would get on the plane TONIGHT! Pray for the Haitian government that God would inspire them to rise to the occassion & have the same goal of getting these children onto the plane that will be arriving for them .


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Team Hope on Nightly News !!!!

Team Hope, from Hope For Little Angels Of Haiti, was interviewed by NBC and will air tonight on the nightly news . That means 6:30pm here in Ohio. For other states it will be earlier than usual due to the State of The Union Address tonight.

Sorry , thought we might have seen where they are staying. But no interview :(

Love her new braids !

Vania at Fontamara

Thanks Michelle for the pictures ! I was able to go back through the news article and catch glimpses of her playing. She was much easier to pick out now that I know what she had on. I think she must like this handsome boy in the green shirt. She seems to be hanging out with him. The pictures are #22 behind the little girl and next to boy in the green shirt. And #23 way in the back to the left in front of girl in pink & next to lady in yellow walking. Handsome boy in green shirt not too far away :)

To Fly Or Not To Fly ?

Well ,we are less than 24hrs from our flight booked to Salt Lake City. The question being , what will unfold today in Haiti. Please pray that God would give us clear direction in making decisions regarding our travel plans. Pray that we would know clearly whether to leave on the morning flight or stay put. If push comes to shove please pray we would have confidence & peace about any decisions we have to make.

Below is a link to an article about our O. They made the paper ! If you go to the picture beside the article and click on Gallery it has lots of pictures of the kids . Haven't seen any with Vania in the pic though.


Deseret News in Haiti: Plans yo-yo for Haitian children headed to Utah

FONTAMARA, Haiti — A group of 70 children headed for adoption in Utah and other states are sleeping on a concrete driveway and in tents under…
Full Story:

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another short update ! I just can't go with out showing you how God is continually moving ! We got a call back from Congressman Tiberi's office & they said they talked to USCIS about our file & " Everything is in place , Vania just needs travel papers released" So i'm taking this as she has been granted Humanitarian parole . We were one of many who hadn't gottten " THE CALL"Thank you God for this reassurance :)


2 quick updates... Then off to a dentist appointment. The plane scheduled to fly into PAP has changed so now it will be late Thursday that it will be arriving into Haiti. Getting the kids to Utah Friday.We see this as a blessing. First of all because details still need worked out on the paperwork side & even better news that Lori has gotten word that Jess is alive & with her birth father. Praise God. Now let's find her & get her back to the O !!!!!


The adoptive parents were able to listen in on a conference call today between DHS ( Department of Homeland Security), USCIS ( immigration ), HHS ( Human services ) & the powers that be . It was all very encouraging & I have no doubt that they are working hard to bring our children home. They also wanted to make it clear that it was Haiti's intention as well to get the kids home & that the 2 parties were in full agreement on this. Our children will come home. In the meantime we wait for the details of the process to unfold. and did I mention..... WE HAVE A PLANE TO CATCH !

We have had 2 representatives call us from Pat Tiberi's office today to see how we are doing and ask if they could help. They are trying to see if USCIS or DHS has record of our files & if we have Humanitarian Parole. We have not gotten the confirmation e-mail or phone call. But it would be nice reassurance. The coolest thing was that they said they had received several calls or e-mails from family & friends about our case. So Thanks everyone, they are listening !

We will keep you updated :) Pray for a miracle !


Today Chareyl will be heading down to the Embassy again to check on the status of paperwork for Humanitarian Parole. Please pray that they would let her into the Embassy today & that the hold on Humanitarian Parole for the children would be lifted. Pray that God would move yet another mountain & she would be able to return today with Humanitarian parole papers for EVERY child from Hope For Little Angels of Haiti. We continue to pray that God would soften the heart of All the Government leaders involved & we can all work together to bring these children to safety & into loving homes.

Adam & I are still booking flights today to travel to Utah Wednesday. Lord please calm my anxious heart :)

I had to add this great praise. On Lori 's blog she has noted that all 10k was raised yesterday to cover the plane fuel. That was done within 24hrs folks :) God is GOOD !!!!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010


Because we haven't been on enough of a rollercoaster....

Chareyl arrived at the Embassy today and was notified that the Haitian government has put a freeze on everything.

She said they told her that they cannot even give her the paperwork that has been approved until the government gives her direction.

She said that Secretary Clinton and DHS and President Preval, etc, etc are in a meeting right now trying to negotiate things.

The Embassy is turning away all people for appointments and telling them to come back tomorrow.

Chareyl says this is all very political. Haiti had lifted their exit requirements and now they've revoked that and they want to approve every child leaving.

I believe this explains why we stopped getting phone calls yesterday from DHS regarding file approvals.

I also believe there is a reason our miracle flight was arranged for THURSDAY when we wanted TUESDAY.

We need to continue to pray, folks. We need some leaders' hearts softened. We need them to be inspired to find a way for them to process their Haitian Government approval that will make them happy and that our files that are down there will meet.

We have approved I-171Hs, we have pictures of parents and passports and pictures of parents with the children. We have the proof of relationship.

Chareyl says there is NOTHING that anyone in any US government can do. This is a HAITIAN GOVERNMENT decision. It won't matter who is there. You can't fly there and make it any different than what Chareyl is getting. I know you want to DO because that's what PARENTS do.

This time all parents can do is PRAY, PRAY, PRAY. You can get mad. You can cry. Just make sure you move on to PRAY.


I think we still move forward with faith and book flights (with insurance in case we have to make a change) and move forward trusting that God will DELIVER.

I will keep you posted if I get any more information. Chareyl is going to continue to try to get into the Embassy so that the instant Haiti has a decision we can pick up our paperwork.

I'll keep you posted.


Getting Closer !!!!

I love updates ........

We have a plane, we have a plane, we have a plane!!!!! Please stop and say a prayer of thanks.

A group that would prefer we don't mention their names has arranged a flight going into Haiti with humanitarian supplies. They have been given a slot to land on Thursday. They will unload their cargo. They will check off and load the kids. Then they are coming home to SALT LAKE CITY UTAH.

They have some doctors and nurses going down on the plane to return with the children to make sure everyone is getting everything they need as soon as possible. I told them, "They all look really healthy" and he said, 'Then they'll snuggle the children who are scared".

And then I cried a little bit more.

Chareyl is at the Embassy now. She will be there all day long picking up Humanitarian Paroles. We will be notified as she gets each child's paperwork.

They're coming home, ladies and gentlemen! They're coming home!!


Brent holding Vania

So glad to see this sweet face ! I can't wait to get my arms around her :)
Thanks Team Hope for the picture!


Last nights update from Lori....

Here are the recap from today: 1. We were thrilled to see that nearly all the children have been rounded up and arrived at Fontamara. For those of you not familiar with that location, it's one of the three branches of Foyer de Sion. Guesno Mardy has taken all the kids in and they're basically living in the yard. They are still getting aftershocks and people are very wary about staying INSIDE the buildings after what they experienced in the last 12 days. 2. We're still working on the specifics of a plane. We have found a benefactor who has the capacity to get over 100 people to a destination and his group is working to see which plane, which pilot, which destination, etc, etc are best going to meet the needs. 3. You should be aware that you can't land a plane in PAP unless it's filled with humanitarian supplies on the way into PAP. We've been working with the LDS Church Humanitarian Services and it looks like they will be able to fill the cargo hold for us. 4. Coordinating these things leaves us with a few loose ends still. It may possibly be WEDNESDAY before they can leave because we have to get the plane to where it can be loaded with humanitarian cargo and we have to make sure all the children have Humanitarian Parole. My contacts tell me it may be tomorrow morning before they can give me specifics. I promise you I will get the information out as soon as I have something you can book tickets against. 5. Because so many of our group have not heard from DHS, we have escalated to someone who is helping us on this end (Utah end) of the Department of Homeland Security and they are looking into each of the files that have not received "the phone call" yet. We just want to make sure we have as much notice as possible that all the paperwork is in order so that if there is an issue we can fix it as expeditiously as possible. 6. We have raised a little over $6000K TODAY for the "jet fuel" fund. I can't tell you how different the "can we use your plane" conversation is when you tell them that you've been gathering money for fuel. Obviously, until we know a) exactly which type of plane we're going to be using and b) exactly where they will be flying us, we won't know the full fuel costs. But it's coming together. Thank you for getting the word out and for your own donations as well. Please let me know if you have questions and I"ll do my best to answer them. Thank you for all your prayers.



Please pray specifically for Jessica today! That God would soften her birth father's heart & that she would be reunited with her adoptive father Brent & the rest of her O family.
Please continue to pray that all the children would get humanitarian parole.That the logistics would be worked out for travel. And continued protection over the children & the team working to bring them home. Thank you for your continuing prayers :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I just got a call from Team Hope. Abbie, Joey, Jordan, Vania and Zambrie are all at Fontamara with them now!! They will send pictures soon.

I need you to pray like crazy for Jess, please. We're running into some difficulties there.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tonight's News

OK.... Remember we're working with Haiti and things sometimes run on Haitian Standard Time...I heard from Chareyl and Nadia is bringing 'the country kids" (as they're referring to the Meuzelaars, Vania and Z) tomorrow. She didn't get them to Fontamara today. I know this will frustrate many of you, but I think it demonstrates how comfortable they are that they are being cared for in their current location. Also, I've only had one family receive an email from DHS and it's definitely not required that you get that email. They may not send them at all. Heaven knows they have better things to do than send confirmation emails. :) So don't stress if you do not receive one. Also, I've been working today to arrange a plane. I want you all to know that we were able to round up $10K in donations today from large contributors to pay for jet fuel. I'm still working out the logistics of the plane and when and where and such and will contact you all as soon as I have anything firm enough to book your own plane tickets against. Please, please know that there are so many miracles in this whole process. Please don't lose faith if there are a few bumps (like missing emails from DHS or children that stay one more day with their birth families) here at the end.
Love you all!


Current updates ......

All,I just spoke to Chareyl. She is finally finished at the Embassy for the day. She got there at 8 AM and it's now 10 PM.The good news first - she has been able to submit all our paperwork - the entire group. They have told her that anyone with an approved I-171H should be approved for Humanitarian Parole without issue (which should be pretty much all of us....) Any one not in that category would be reviewed to confirm the files we sent down confirm that the parents have a relationship with the child, etc. The bad news - the Department of State is not issuing visas from Haiti at this time. All of the 9 children that were in that category - even those whose visas had been printed prior to the earthquake - will be given Humanitarian Parole status. Allyson, if you want to call me, I can give you more info on that.She said that the woman was very happy with the information in our packets for each family. The woman is working the weekend and she will contact CHareyl if there are any problems with any files. Chareyl has a return appointment to pick up the Humanitarian Parole for everyone on Monday at noon. HOWEVER, she stressed, she will still have to wait in line at that time and, based on what she saw today, that could be 8-10 hours.Because of this, she's asking the Scientology group that got them down there if they can fly them all home on TUESDAY. I'll get more information on that after she talks to them. We probably won't know until Monday if that's what they are going to be able to do or where it is they'll be flying. I promise you I'll pass the info on as soon as I can.I also just talked to Team Hope. Brent said all the children - Foyer included - look "really good", particularly for what they've been through. He said the Scientologist told UNICEF where our group is at the Fontamara branch of Foyer, and UNICEF brought water containers and blankets for everyone. He said the children are all spread out blankets outside under the stars, giggling when they should be sleeping. Obviously that makes it sound idyllic, but he said, "I cannot believe the resiliency of these children's souls. Please contact me if you have questions and I"ll do my best to answer them.Please keep up the prayers. The woman processing these needs all the inspiration and help she can get. I'll send more on the situation at the Embassy and what they saw today later, but wanted to get this out to you.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Thank you to Lori & Michelle for keeping us posted ! We are just on pins & needles every minute!!

I just got off the phone with Brent. Most of the children from HLAH have arrived at Fontamara today. There are 6 that are coming tomorrow because they are in the care of family members right now.

The children that are there are:
Jean Tony

The children that are arriving tomorrow are

They still need to track down Jessica.

I want to stress that all of them are fine. Scott is in the process of taking pictures right now. Michelle, will you email them out to the group as you get them, please?

I also spoke to Nadia. She says all the children are fine - including the French children.

I also want to let you know that the children that are fine - even those that weren't able to get there today. Nadia is very happy and is so thrilled we're getting these babies home.

Please keep praying - we still need to get through the Embassy hurdles and the transportation, etc, etc, etc, etc.

But the babies are at a location where they have supplies and medical care and water and adults to care for them.

Thank you!!!


Kepp the Prayers coming!

Please pass the word on ...... These are the latest updates & prayer needs for our group

Chareyl was able to get in to the Embassy but only for those few children that should have already had visas based on where they were in the process (no I don't know exactly which of the 70 children that is). She said she is on a waiting list for Humanitarian Parole appointments for the other 60+ children.What I'm hearing from the Senators offices isn't good. The Embassy is just completely overwhelmed. A logjam of humanity and chaos with tired, exhausted people and desperate applicants.I know our senators are aware of this. I know they've contacted the State Dept. We honestly need some miracles here. I need prayers and need them desperately.As for the children, Harry and Guesno are gathering those the rest of the kids to the location where "Team Hope" is (Fontamara's location of Foyer de Sion). I'll send more info as I get it.
Much love to all,


Our Heroes in Port Au Prince
Scott, Brent , Chareyl , Lindsay & Mystery man

Last nights updates from Lori......

I just got a message from the team - they're on the ground in PAP. They say "it's very dark" - referring to the fact that there's still no power in the area. They're looking for some place safe to bed down for the night. The Church of Scientology gave each of the passengers a little sleeping bag because they knew they'd be on the ground.

Please continue to pray for their safety and their safe return

It's 4 AM there and they're just barely bedding down. Let's hope they get a few hours rest before the sun rises over the island.

Thank you, Lord for keeping them safe.

Just got another message. Scott has Avrie in his arms right now. I hear she looks good. Brent called me a bit choked up and said, 'Guess what? I have Fabrice on my lap and Schneider snuggled up to my side. They said Wiclef looks good. Chareyl also wanted the Carnogurskys to know that she has seen Rachel, Rueben and Gladimy and they look great. The boys definitely recognized Brent and were happy to see him. I'm sure it was similar for Scott adn Avrie.
Chareyl feels great hope that all the children will come home soon. She'll know later day what type of time frame you'll be dealing with...

So, they'v arrived at the Church where Harry is Bishop and are seeing thoe of our children that were in his aera when the quake hitl

Hoping to hear more great news today. Thank you again to our team of HEROES. We are routing for you!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

3 more children FOUND

Here is an update we received today from Lori.

I just wanted to let you know that I spoke with Harry - finally a call went through. He said that he knows where Abbie, Joey and Jordan are, that they are with their birth parents "about an hour" outside PAP (don't know exactly how time and distance correlate in Haiti) and that he's sending someone to get them.Thank you for all your prayers for these babies! Please keep them up!

This is great news. Our team should be arriving soon if not already in Haiti. Now the real work begins. Please keep praying that Jessica's birthfather would be able to find Harry or that Harry & Nadia would be able to locate them.Please pray for God's continuing guidance & provisions to meet the groups needs to get the children on a plane & home safely. It is also reported that all the children are ok :)


Congress to Clinton, Nepalitano and Shah – Protect the Children
Moments ago, 50 Members of Congress published a letter requesting aid and security to Haitian children being adopted by U.S. families and to all orphans. The letter states that the approval of humanitarian aid is only a first step in helping the children. The full letter can be found here.
Thanks again to those Members of Congress who care enough to use their considerable influence to provide critically needed assistance to the children of Haiti.

Hope for Little Angels of Haiti/Requiem

If you cannot see video you can find it by clicking here . Thanks to Brent & Lori for putting this video together !

Thursday Prayers Needs

This is from last night.......

Dear families,

I am getting ready to go and will be leaving basically in the middle of the night. I want to give you a heads up! We do not know for sure when

We will get the kids out of the country. I need you to be prepared for a phone call that says something like this…get on a plane and meet us ________

It will be somewhere in the US, it won’t necessarily be Florida. I will try to give you a days notice but no guarantee. I have paperwork for all of you

And hopefully they will let the children remain with me until you get there. But God willing it will work out that you can be there the minute the plane rolls in. I am asking you all to pray like you never have before, ask your friends and your families to pray, post away! Pray that we will find ALL of the children, that they will be OK, I know they will not be perfect, but we want them safe and together! Pray that we can get all the children to the Embassy, that all of will find safe travel there, pray that we can get into the embassy and that they will process ALL of the children that they will accept ALL the paperwork that we are bringing, and most especially pray for peace that in the end we all know that this is in God’s hands. I know without a doubt that HE can move mountains and we are asking for HIM to move mountains for us.

I want to mention something else, I tried to figure out at what point this might be appropriate given the situation we are faced with and

I decided never, but here goes anyway. I know that the adoption will be completing sooner for some of you (that goes without saying for those of you that have been in the process far too long) But I did want you to be prepared to pay the final agency fees after your children are home and in your loving arms.

I love you all and consider you all my friends. I will be in touch!

Your friend,


I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phillipians 4:13

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Latest

Things are changing minute by minute. This is an e-mail we recieved from Chareyl late last night after an update from JCICS.JCICS still reporting today that the embassy is mass chaos. They are trying their best to get these children out in an orderly & safe manner. Pray for Chareyl & her group going down to Haiti that they would have wisdom to deal with any obstacles in the way of getting the kids home & protection . Thank you to the group for going down to advocate on our children's behalf !!!!!

Dear Wasatch Families,
It appears that the US government will not help with the evacuation of our children in Haiti. They have told
Us basically to send out orphanage directors in Haiti to the embassy and take what paperwork they can
And try and get the kids a visa or Humanitarian parole. So we sent Guesno Mardy (director of Foyer) to
The embassy today, he went twice with children in tow, they would not let him in, they would not help him.
It has come to my attention that those orphanages that have us coordinators on the ground in Haiti are
getting Visa’s and getting Humanitarian Parole. I have confirmed that all the children that have come
home so far have had US citizen’s on the ground in Haiti with experience helping them. My opinion is
that when they see Haitian’s coming they think they are just trying to get out of the country themselves,
I don’t know for sure this is just my opinion.
So I have decided to go to Haiti and get our children, I am going with a special group of people who are dedicated
To helping me, I have a representative from Foyer going (Lindsay Crapo) and I have my special humanitarian
Task force going, which includes a member of the military. I have experience with the embassy I know some
Of the personnel, I have been there to process paperwork and feel like I will be able to get our kids out.
I am currently working on how to fly the kids out of Haiti once I have them. I am pretty sure we have a plane
that will fly us out, but will let you know when it is Set. We will be bringing a total of 50 kids out of Haiti.
I do have a seat on a missionary plane going into Haiti on Thursday.
So what I need from each of you right now is a copy of all the paperwork you sent to USCIS Haiti, I am going
To take it with me to ensure we have everything we need to get Visa’s or Humanitarian Parole, I am going
To try to get as many of the kids out on a Visa as I can. If you already cc’d me when you sent it in then I have it,
but many of you did not so please send it now so that we can get it printed.
I am taking a lap top and when I can I will keep you posted.

Your friend,

Chareyl Moyes
Haiti Program Manager
Wasatch International Adoptions

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Continued help& prayers needed !

Along with Vania we are happy to report that Nathan & Collin have also been located !The work is not over yet though ! We still need lots of prayers going up to find D'joe , Abie, Jordan & Jessica and bring them to safety.Adam,my sister Tiffany & myself have had the great privilege of meeting & spending time with these beautiful children & their adoptive families.We are forever connected . They are family :) Lord, please watch over D'joe, Abie, Jordan & Jessica.Hold them in the palm of your hand & protect them from harm's way. Please help Nadia & Harry to find them so we can get them home !

Please pray for God's radical provision to get all the orphans of Haiti home to their adoptive families safely!


Tears of Joy ! We just got the the news that Vania has been found. She is safe with Nadia !Praise God, we are so elated!Heads are spinning. Now, Dear Lord let's get her home!!!!!

Tuesday , Day 7

Here is the latest e-mail from Chareyl last night..

Hey everyone, I got a very short message from Harry tonight we got cut off

And I tried to reach him again, but no luck, here is a new list of kids that are with

Nadia and are ok. He is still trying to get to her and get the kids so they are still

Currently with her.. He was cut off when talking to Nadia last so I am hoping

there is actually more news and I just don’t have it yet.

I will try to reach Harry again in the morning.

I am over the top exhausted!

Kids reported to be with Nadia and Ok….

Djeuvena Fils-Aime/Zambrie



Fabrice--- with Harry


Jean Tony



Natlove--- with Harry

Wycleff Jean--- with Harry


Schneider ---with Harry


Everybody continue to pray for the kids that we do not have news on yet!


Here is the list of children who still need to be located;


Oliver (Collin)



Betul (Jordan)



God we know you can see these children right now. We ask for your protection to surround them & that Today would be the day they are brought to safety with the rest of the children of Hope For Little Angels of Haiti.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Humanitarian Parole APPROVED !


We are bringing the kids home!!

Secretary Napolitano has announced humanitarian parole for orphaned Haitian children.

Please see the attached documents, which detail the announcement and fact sheet.

I will keep you posted as we receive information on how the children will be taken

To the embassy and how we will get them out of the Haiti.

This is the best news ever! I feel so much gratitude for everyone that has made this

Come together!!

Chareyl Moyes

Please continue to pray for Harry to find the children. No updates on that yet ! But God is moving :)


Urgent prayer needs !!!!

Dear Hope Families,

I just received word from Harry early this morning on the children. Again the messages are incomplete and very

Short. But apparently all the children are not together. Harry has not been able to reach Abel so

We don’t know if some of the children are with him, but he gave me a list of the children that are

Not with Nadia. Again, I am assuming the rest of the children ARE with her. He is going to try and reach Nadia today

And get all the children with her and take them to the church where he can care for them. He will also

try and locate the rest of the children. I know this will be hard to read if your child is on the list below,

but please know that we don’t have all the information Yet. However hard I want to give the information as I receive it.

As I understand it, these are the children not with Nadia:






Jean Tony




We need to pray hard to find these children, everyone get your friends and family to pray.

I will continue to be vigilant in getting information.

My heart is with all of you!


Monday, Day 6

We received this update from Chareyl late last night ! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate her hard work. We love you Chareyl !!! Lord thank you That Avrie, Wyclef ( the 2 children in foster care ), Fabrice & Schneider have been found and are ok. Lord please find Jessica and the other children safe & well today ! We need your prayers ! My stomach is in knots. Please pray for Vania & the other children to be safe.

Dear Hope families,

I just heard from Harry and although the bulk of the email is still somewhat vague, I do have good news that Avrie and Wyclef are ok.

Harry finally talked to Nadia today and this is his quote “I am so happy to hear from Nadia and to know that most of the kids been safe” he says that he is going to go and get them and bring them to the church so he can take care of them. He said that he has Fabrice and Schnider with him, I don’t know if he has had them with him or if he just got them. But either way we know for sure that they are ok and with Harry. I sent Harry a list of all the kids,

I asked him to please go get them all if possible, and then to give me a check mark by every child and tell me how they are.

I will let you know, I am hoping that he will have them or at least see them all tomorrow.

Keep praying!


Sunday, January 17, 2010


As the sun goes down each day I despair that another day has gone by without someone being able to get to the children. And every day the sun rises I am filled with hope that this will be the day they get food water & medical supplies.
Chareyl posted this encouraging news last night


I am so grateful for Chareyl & all the other people involved in getting help to the children. They are definitely God sent. Not just in the midst of this ongoing crisis but throughout this whole adoption process so far!
Your help to get these children home is needed. As many of you know JCICS is working with the governments to advocate for adoptive families and get the children home on Humanitarian parole. Adam & I have contacted our congressmen & senators to rally their support. We would appreciate it if you would do that on behalf of all the adoptive families & their waiting children as well. Below is a link that will help you find your congressmen & senators. Also a template for your request. This is urgent. Please help rally to get these kids home ! - Congress - Senate - Our O's facebook page with letter templates (on the Notes tab)
Or, here are the templates if you can't get to facebook page.
Our info:
Adoptive Parents: Christopher & Bambi Estep
Name of Child: Vania
Date of Birth: 6/6/06
Name of Orphanage: Hope For Little Angels of Haiti

Thousands of children in orphanages in Haiti no longer have a roof over their heads, food to eat or clean water to drink. Many of those children are in the adoption process with parents in the United States.

I are aware that USCIS has the authority to issue a humanitarian parole for people without legal documentation to travel to the United States. While granting a humanitarian parole is outside the normal procedures, the United States government has granted them in the past (e.g. Cambodia and Romania).

I am requesting that you contact USCIS on my behalf and request that humanitarian paroles be granted to these children being adopted.

While I realize that the United States seeks to honor the adoption process established in Haiti, I feel that that these children are in dire need and the country of Haiti would be best served by letting these children come to the United States. I feel that Haitian authorities would agree to this if it was proposed. What better way for the United States to help Haiti than to care for Haiti's child that is already so loved by these families.

I/We are friends of (name of persons adopting), who are in the process of adopting (name, date of birth, case/file number) who was living at the (name of orphanage) prior to the devastating earthquake in Haiti.

I/We are aware that USCIS has the authority to issue a humanitarian parole for (name of child) to travel to the United States to live with (name of persons adopting) pending final adoption processing in Haiti. While granting a humanitarian parole is outside the normal procedures, the United States government has granted them in the past (e.g. Cambodia and Romania).

While I/we realize that the United States seeks to honor the adoption process established in Haiti, I/we feel that (name of child) and the country of Haiti would be best served by (name of child) being placed with (name of persons adopting), his future mom/dad. I/We feel that Haitian authorities would agree to this if it was proposed. What better way for the United States to help Haiti than to care for Haiti's child that is already so loved by this family.

I/We are in the process of adopting (name, date of birth, case/file number) who was living at the (name of orphanage) prior to the devastating earthquake in Haiti. We began our adoption process (date).

Due to the earthquake, we are painfully aware that the adoption process has come to a complete standstill and there is little hope of it resuming for many years. More importantly, we have no idea whether our child will have food, clean water or even a safe place to live while we wait for the adoption to be completed.

I/We are aware that USCIS has the authority to issue a humanitarian parole for (name of child) to travel to the United States to live with us pending final adoption processing in Haiti. While granting a humanitarian parole is outside the normal procedures, the United States government has granted them in the past (e.g. Cambodia and Romania).

While we realize that the United States seeks to honor the adoption process established in Haiti, we feel that (name of child) and the country of Haiti would be best served by (name of child) being placed with us, his future mom/dad. We feel that Haitian authorities would agree if this was proposed. What better way for the United States to help Haiti than to care for Haiti's child that is already so loved by this family.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Latest From Chareyl

As you know we have confirmation that Harry is in an LDS church in PetionVille, all the children

Living in the orphanage with him were evacuated safely. The mounting concerns now are that

PetionVille is in the mountains and it has been difficult to get aid to them. Harry said that there

Is food to purchase and even gas for his truck, but he has no money. And because PetionVille is

In the mountains it has been difficult for rescue teams to get to them. Harry says that if he

Could get some gas in his car he could try to find Nadia and the foster kids. He would also

Be able to buy food and supplies, there is some available to purchase (although the prices are

Astronomical) but the banks are shut down and there is no way to get money.

I am happy to tell you that we have found a way to get money to Harry! We have a friend (via

Shannon Cox, who will be traveling to Haiti tomorrow with a special medical

Team put together by the LDS church. Dr. Jeremy Booth has agreed to take the money to

Harry. He is an ER doctor, speaks fluent Creole and loves the Haitian people. They have been

Trying to fly out for several days but because of flight restrictions but hope to fly out tomorrow.

The hope for the little angels team is out getting a substantial amount of cash right now to

Send with Dr. Booth. I know this money will be critical in helping to find and feed our children.

I want to tell each of you thank you, it is because of so many of you and your contributions

That the hope organization has funds to send down.

I will keep you posted, please pray that Dr. Booth is able to reach Harry with the funds!!

Your friend,



Dear Friends,

Humanitarian Parole

It is Joint Council’s position that the U.S. government should immediately grant humanitarian parole to all children being adopted by U.S. citizens. At present, Joint Council is appealing with the U.S. government, specifically the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), to issue humanitarian parole for any child that has been referred to an American family. Humanitarian parole, if granted, would eliminate the need for a visa. Humanitarian parole would also minimize the paperwork and possibly eliminate the need to find documents, which have been destroyed in the earthquake. Given the urgent needs of the children, the fact that the Haitian government has lifted all exit requirements and that the children have adoptive families, we believe that humanitarian parole is the most humane solution to this crisis. Please note that Joint Council has not received confirmation for humanitarian parole but we are working diligently towards that end. When and if humanitarian parole is granted, we will publish the information widely.

From our many, many meetings with Members of Congress, the Department of State and the Department of Homeland Security, you should know that your government is working diligently and with great compassion to find a solution which will help get the children into safe, permanent and loving families as quickly as possible.

Haiti Adoptive Families & Orphan Database

Thank you for helping adoptive families register with our Haiti Adoptive Families & Orphan Database. To date we have over 250 families registered. Please continue to publicize the database, even if you are not directly involved with Haiti. The wider the message is distributed the more families we will ultimately reach. The database allows us to keep the families and our government updated on the latest information and how the ongoing efforts effect the children we all serve.

Continued Prayer

Harry was going out today to try to get to Nadia & the kids. As well as locate the children in foster homes & a child that is with her birth father. Please pray that God would guide him to these children. Please pray that they would be able to get food water & any medical attention needed to these kids TODAY.
No other news today yet,but I'm confident there are people tirelessly working to get these kids located , cared for & HOME. Please Lord give the people who are working on getting these adoptions home- stength , encouragement & the resources to do so. We pray Lord for your radical provision to bring these children & their families together.

Friday, January 15, 2010

More Good News

Dear Haiti Families,

Here is the latest information out of Haiti in regards to adoptions, we have been given permission to pass this message on to you. I spent two hours on a conference call with joint council this afternoon and I can tell you that many branches of the government are involved with JCICS and everyone is doing all they possibly can to bring your children home. If you have not already done so, it is imperative that you inter your adoption with Joint Council, this list WILL be given to USCIS Haiti and will be used to help bring your children home. ( )

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me, I will be checking email all weekend and will be working with Joint council through out the weekend as well.

With care,

Chareyl Moyes

Haiti Program Manager

Hallelujah !

Hey my sweet Hope families,

Just want to send you a little up-date, I got a message from one of the French families adopting from Hope, so

This is second hand news, but it is hopeful so I am sharing it with you.

She says that her attorney/adoption coordinator was able to reach Nadia by phone and she says she has the

Children with her and they are ok for now. We don’t know where they are but I am under the impression they

Are not at any of the orphanages. I am grateful to hear that Nadia is ok and she is with the children, she did

Say that they were desperate for water. I have notified the Red Cross and the LDS church of their needs and

About where I think they might be and I am hoping that food and water will be taken to them shortly.

I am also working with JCICS and the Department of State to bring our children home! Please do not listen to rumors,

Check with me or check the Joint Council web page for accurate information.

I will keep you posted when I have ANYTHING to share!

Your friend,


Family's Dream Of Adopting Haitian Children On Hold

Please click on the title above to watch the video of a fellow adoptive family in our parent group who was interviewed by their local TV station. They are adopting 3 wonderful children Yonelson, Nerlange & Fabrice. We are so blessed to have been able to meet this loving family along with several other awesome adoptive families through this crazy process.


Today when you fill up your glass of water or sit down for breakfast please remember to pray for the people of Haiti. I am praying today of course for news on the orphanages & our kids but also for the much needed food water & medical supplies to come flowing into Haiti. The people are growing even more desperate each day waiting for these basic needs.

A lot of the reporters have been doing reports from the balcony of the La Plaza Rue. This is the hotel we stay at when traveling on parent trips. Across the street is a little market where we would go to purchase souveniors.The kids loved going to the balcony to see what was going on in the streets of Port Au Prince below. We were not aloud to leave the hotel very much & this was a good way to safely see the goings on outside the hotel. Take a look while watching CNN at the difference on the streets . Across the street from the hotel is a popular gathering place for Haitians . It is a wide open area & close to the presidential Palace. A lot has changed !

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Nadia Bernadine's name( the Director of Hope For Little Angels Of Haiti ) has been found on a survivor list.Praying they have direct contact soon and that she is well.

Donate Button

Please note I have added a donate button to the top of my side bar. Again these donations will go directly to Hope For little angels of Haiti Orphanage to provide for their immediate relief needs.

Praise God !

We just received word that Chareyl our adoption coordinator has received word from Harry a friend & person who works closely with the orphanage that he has been in contact with one of the nannies from the new O building ( located near the airport ) and that they are okay. Remember we do not know yet which children are there. Still no news on the other O building in Carrefour. Harry has also been unable to reach Nadia the director for Hope For Little Angels of Haiti. We have also learned that Harry has lost family members in the quake. Please take a minute to pray for his family , for the people still missing & that we would be able to get news on the other O in Carrefour soon!

Another Day In Waiting

This week was not the week to try to cut back on coffee !
I dropped the kids off at school this morning and headed to Starbucks.
Now I am back down in my basement going through e-mails & scanning the internet for information while CNN blares in the back round.
My heart is aching in so many ways. I keep fluctuating from feelings of despair to hope, tears & then moments of being ok. A little voice in my head keeps telling me "it's okay, keep moving I got this" and I am holding on to the hope that this is true .
We have an update from our agency coordinator but no updates on the kids/orphanage. It is extremely hard on Haiti's best day to get information fast with all the power outages in the country etc.
I do know that Hope For Little Angels of Haiti is located in Carrefour. Recently they had been moving children to a new location for the orphanage located closer to the airport. Port Au Prince is located somewhere between those two places. They do not know how many children were moved or which children. I also know there are some children residing with foster families.
I am thankful to see the" Calvary"is continuing to be called in bringing much aide & relief.
Thank you to all the rescue workers for your service & care!
Thank you to EVERYONE for your continued thoughts prayers & phone calls. It has been a great comfort to our family.
I know that many of you have asked how you can help.
First of all your continued prayers for : Vania & all the children at the O, the nannies, All the workers for Hope For little Angels of Haiti & Wasatch adoption agency. Our family here & all the other adoptive families & their children in Haiti
How I long to be back at La Plaza Rue with the sun shining down gathered around the pool with all the kids playing, chasing Vania with all of our dear fellow adoptive parents , agency friends & hotel staff!!!!
Please pray for :The people of Haiti & all the rescue workers & people organizing the Humanitarian Aide efforts
Second a monetary donation to Hope For Little Angels of Haiti Orphanage
No amount is too small to donate !They are run by a non-profit organization & all donations are tax deductible. They will send you a receipt for all donations.

Please make checks out to : Hope For Little Angels of Haiti
Send To : Hope for Little Angels of Haiti

2397 West 1400 North

Lehi, UT 84043

*I will also be adding a donate button to the sidebar soon

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Here is an interview with Dixie Bickel ( an Orphanage director From God's Littlest Angels ) & Matt Lauer. Another source for updates from inside Haiti is The Livesay weblog, a missionary family working in Haiti.

No News

No news from Haiti yet. Our agency has not been able to reach their contacts in Haiti to find out any news on the orphanage. Thank you for your continued prayers.

I did eventually get some sleep last night that lasted until about 4am. Then I couldn't turn off my brain thinking how terrified the children must be. Now that I am fully awake my stomach is in knots waiting to hear something.

I am thankful for daybreak this morning. Hopeful that Haiti will get an out pouring of relief from around the world today. Confident that the God I serve is much bigger than all of this and hears our prayers.

Vania, our sweet girl , we are thinking of you wanting so much to hold & comfort you right now.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Earthquake in Haiti

Please pray for Haiti. Vania's orphanage ,Hope For Little Angels of Haiti, is located in Carrefour close to the epicenter of the quake. No news from the orphanage yet. Hoping to hear something soon. Please keep them in your prayers.

Monday, January 11, 2010

O - U - T !!!!!

Thank You Lord !!!!
We are so happy to announce that our files have come out of IBESR ( Haitian social Services ). This means we have been officially approved to adopt from Haiti. Which is a huge step towards bringing Vania home. Now we wait to enter another step called Parquet;
This step involves one person(?) releasing the child(ren)'s file(s). Parquet is the head commissioner. He is intertwined with court. He asks all of the birth parents to come for interviews to make sure that they understand that there children are being adopted. Apparently there was some fraudulent activity going on and he wants to protect the birth parents interests. i.e. make sure they are in agreement.

Parquet should take 4-12 weeks but we know that is all relative. We still need lots & lots of prayers as we still have many more steps to go through before bringing Vania home. For today I am so grateful for the steps that are behind us & look forward to seeing how God continues to move in 2010 :)