Saturday, November 1, 2008

Catching Up

We have ended football, cheer leading and soccer season. Even though it was a blast, we are all ready to take a timeout!! Trick or treat is over and now we move into the holiday season. Our family is so thankful this year about the coming addition to our family, Callia Grace. We are grateful to be able to pursue her adoption and give her a family. We got pictures and an update Friday from our agency (Wasatch international). They just took a trip to Haiti in October and were able to get pics and video of her while they were there. Callia had been sick with Ghiardia , along with other children but has been treated and doing well. At almost 15mo. old, she is 13lbs.( -3 lbs. since June due to illness), 28in.
She is on target developmentally and socially. Sitting independently, crawling and getting ready to take her first steps! The agency said she was not happy about being taken from her caregivers for pictures. hat is why she is upset in the photos above. There may be more pictures and a video for us next week :) Until then, PAPERWORK!



i love the name you chose! she is so freaking adorable! I'm glad you started a blog, aren't they fun?!

Tiffany Gerling said...

I love the name Callia Grace too! It is a perfectly beautiful name for a perfectly beautiful girl!