Monday, November 17, 2008


After stalking the mailman again today, the dvd is here! I promised to wait until tonight so we can view everything as a family. I will try to post pics tonight ! Yipeeee!




Bambi what is your shoe size?!?!
sorry to ask here but i keep forgetting so i just had to when i remembered!

Bambi said...

My shoe size is 8.5 ! Just checking, but are you getting all the graphics we you log in to view my blog? Some people are not.Some people are not able to open smile boxes, or the music player and can't see my leavs falling ( Now that it's snowing ) I'm wondering if it's a work thing! Anyway keep checking back!


yes i can see all the graphics even the leaves falling! I'm so impressed with all of them too b/c i have no clue how to do any of that stuff!

im glad i checked b/c i've been getting answers much smaller than that! phew

and callia is stunningly beautiful when she isnt upset!

Tiffany Gerling said...

I can see all of the graphics too! Including the falling leaves (great effect by the way!)! I think you did such a great job on this blog site guys!

Bambi said...

Thanks,it really is all just trial and error.With the info on different blog sites they make it very easy!I've had a lot of do overs and help from Zane and Adam. I would like to see Callia smiling, but remember all these pics and video were taken on the same day.She probably was wondering why do these strangers keep bothering me!