Friday, November 21, 2008


Go TeamJust wanted to say GO BUCKEYES , BEAT MICHIGAN on the day before the big game. I also wanted to give you a quick update on the adoption process. Adam and I were able to get our IBESR letter done . This is a letter to Haitian social services requesting to adopt fro their country. We have our social worker coming at 9am in the morning for our homestudy update interview.We could use some prayer as we get things rolling in the morning and that we would be able to give Kristen all the needed info to update our homestudy. Next Tuesday we have a meeting with Dr. miller to get the results of our psych testing and our letters needed for the dossier. And of course we have turkey day coming up. Have a great weekend, and GO BUCKS !

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Tiffany Gerling said...

Even though I know everything will go great with the home visit and psych test results, you are all in my thoughts and prayers! Just think that every meeting, test, visit, blog, etc., gets you one step closer to having Callia here with the family! I am proud of how organized and speedy you guys are with everything that needs to be done in this process! You Rock!