Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Almost There

Yesterday, I took all the dossier documents , minus the home study , for county verification and state authentication. Everything went very smoothly. Much easier than trying to drive around and finish my Christmas shopping yesterday ! I took everything to kinkos and made an exact copy and then packaged it up to be fedexed. When I returned home, I realized the agency is closed for the remainder of the week.So panicked I called fedex. Luckily they had not sent it and I was able to go pick it up today. I will be mailing out this weekend !I was also notified today that my home study agency was not able to get the home study verified this week due to icy road conditions and the holidays.They said they will be able to get it verified and mailed to me Monday.Will it ever end ? I'm not sure .But I am still determined to get this paperwork in by the 7th.It is Christmas Eve and Adam is sick with Strep throat. We have canceled Christmas Eve here with my family and will be traveling up to my mom's house to spend the evening and open presents.My hope is that Adam can rest and feel better for Christmas Day. Keep praying for us. We need the prayers and encouragement.Pray that the home study would get here at the beginning of the week and I can take it downtown for authentication and off to Wasatch. Pray there would not be any more delays in getting the dossier done. Merry Christmas to everyone and your families !
PS I forgot to add that now that the home study has been completed we were able to file for the I6OOA renewal.I have updated it in the sidebar. This goes to USCIS (immigration ) for advanced orphan processing.

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Cory&Kylah said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! Love you guys!