Friday, December 12, 2008

The Heat Is On

Time for a weekly update. The heat is on . We have less than 2wks now to prepare for Santa's arrival and we are pushing to meet a deadline of January 7th to get our Dossier into Haiti.Why the hurry? Well, Haiti has implemented laws from 1974 that say couples with biological children cannot adopt. They have told some agencies that if their clients get their paperwork in before January 7th these people would be able to have their paperwork signed off on without a presidential dispensation.We may need to do this extra step anyway.We have scanned all the documents we have so far to our agency to begin translation. The next phase after our much anticipated doctor appointment next week will be getting everything authenticated at a county and state level. We will be going down to the Franklin County Clerk of courts and the Secretary of State's office to have that done.So.... please be praying that this will all go smoothly the next couple weeks.Pray that we will beat the January 7th deadline.Please continue to pray for Callia as they also prepare her paperwork in Haiti.Pray for God's guidance for us and his perfect timing in all of this.Have a great weekend:)

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that sounds really stressful. i will be praying that you make this deadline.