Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Zoe had her braces taken off today ! YEAH ! What a beautiful smile. She had them on a little under a year. They put a permanent retainer behind her front teeth and fitted her for a retainer she will wear at night!The pictures are of her signing the "Wall of Fame " at the orthodontist office and her posing with Doctor Montgomery. Then we picked up Adam and went out for lunch at Zoe's favorite Chinese restaurant Panda Express.
We also received the home study today via FedEx and took that downtown to the Secretary of State's office to be authenticated. You can tell we don't get downtown much. It was an adventure for the kids. They were amazed at all the skyscrapers and the inside of the building. Zoe asked if we would be seeing the President .Anyway..I have updated the sidebar with our new time line updates. Bye for now!
P.S. I forgot to add that we FedExed the homestudy to Wasatch. So.. All dossier documents are into the agency !!! mission completion. They are working on getting the documents translated and then they are sent to the Haitian Consulate, in Chicago, for yet another round of authentication.Things are a movin'! Keep Praying!!

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Cory&Kylah said...

Wow Zoe!!! Your teeth look amazing! You should be a toothpaste model! That chinese food your eating looks pretty good too!