Friday, January 9, 2009

Callia's Care Package

Here is a look at Callia's care package.I wanted to take a picture before I package it up to send. One pink puppy dog that Adam and i found while Christmas shopping. A photo book of family pictures we made online through CVS. A musical card that we will also be recording a message for her in. Hair bows from the Etsy shop, supporting the Little Angels of Haiti Orphanage.And the winner of our poll the pink purse , filled with Dora and Ariel fruit snacks, a pink phone and a set of play keys.I couldn't fit anything else in my Gallon sized ziplock bag. I would love to send all the kids a great big box of toys. I hope she enjoys them as much as I have enjoyed putting the package together:)No news of updates or pics. Our dossier is back from Chicago though and getting put together to send to Haiti Monday. We are thrilled!Happy Friday!
P.S.It always seems like I have a P.S., anyway I added a link to the side bar of another site called Soule Mamathey are gathering handmade baby hats from all over the world to send to Haiti. Check it out. Thanks to My sister-in-law Lindsay for sharing this with me. The direct link to the baby hats for Haiti is



oh she will be so fascinated with her package, good job!

I want to add about the link you added that the one on the sidebar is to soule mamas blog but within her blog is another blog about the haiti caps for babies. i think that direct link is

but her own blog is really fun to read too!

Bambi said...

Thanks, I just tried to add the direct link and it wouldn't let me.So I just let it be for now.I'll add someting to the post about the direct link:)Hey - thaks for ading your picture under managers of blog!

Cory&Kylah said...

Awhh!!! All of the things you picked out are so cute! Kylah would love them, her and Callia are the same age so she should love them too!! Let me know what you guys record in her little card! Great idea!! Mom wants me to tell you she commented you through email, thats why you're not seeing it on the blog. Much Love, Cory

Bambi said...

Thanks Cory,
On her card we recorded all of us saying "Hi Callia " so she could hear her name and then each one of us saying our names so she could hear them.We wanted to make sure if they started calling her Callia they would know how to pronounce it.:)