Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fun In The Snow



very brave - im a hermit n this weather. eli tries to brush the snow off his boot as we walk so my guess is that he takes after me.

the kids look great, zane looks so old & i like his hat.

Bambi said...

TOO cold for me too ! I ran out, took a couple of pictures and ran back inside :)

Cory 'N' Kylah said...

So i take it Reynoldsburg was off school too!? No work for me- yay! We took Kylah out in her snow suit- she was like the little brother on "A Christmas Story" - she kept falling and couldn't get up!

Bambi said...

Speaking of the christmas story movie, last time we were at the pediatricians office ,where they post pictures of patients, there was a picture of a family posed my a real leg lamp like in the movie. Maybe I should get one for the front window next Christmas !