Friday, January 2, 2009

I just found this update in the December newsletter under country updates. This is definitely an event to pray for. Our agency is getting together a parent trip for January 27th-Feb1st/2nd.Adam and I will not be traveling until the summer trip. But we are planning to send our care package along with this group.Our poll is over and looks like ,with 4 votes , the purse with snacks wins!Thanks to all who voted. We will be putting the package together in the next couple weeks and sending it to Wasatch.

Haiti – The Haitian government is meeting on January 29th to sign into law an initiative outlining new standards of practice for adoptions in Haiti. Independent adoptions from this country will become a thing of the past, and agencies working in Haiti will be expected to be in compliance with these new standards practice once this initiative is signed. Our Haiti coordinator, Chareyl Moyes, will be in Haiti at this time and will represent WIA at the signing of these new standards of practice. We are thrilled with this new initiative and are hopeful that it bodes well for the future of the children in Haiti

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P.S.The above laws being signed into effect are a positive change that will hopefully help the Haitian adoption process. They are not the current 1974 laws that are already in effect ( i.e the ones stating that couples that have bio children cannot adopt )Sorry for the confusion :)



it says they are thrilled for this new intiative. what good does it bring as opposed to the risk of your family not being able to adopt? am i understanding this correctly?

so we want to pray that all your paperwork gets approved before this new law goes into effect?

Bambi said...

These laws being signed into effect on the 29th are different from the 1974 laws that are already in effect.The 1974 laws are the ones that say couples with bio children are not aloud to adopt. These new laws being signed in hopefully will bring positive change to the Haitian adoption process. Sorry for the confusion! Pray that these new laws will have a positive effect on the Haitian adoptions!:)