Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Celebrating Carnival in Haiti

This week there is little to report on the progress of our adoption file. Our agency has informed us that due to Haiti celebrating Carnival there has been very little movement on adoption files. The good news is that the orphanage says the children are fine and there are no reports of illness:) To learn more about Carnival click on this link....

We have also been informed that our homestudy agency will be closing at the end of April and have been working on transferring our files to another agency within our state. This will be our second transfer. The last homestudy agency closed all of it's out of state branches to get ahead with the economy.It looks like the economy has taken it's toll on this last homestudy agency as well. We are keeping our fingers crossed with this one:) These are tough times for everyone. I am grateful they were able to complete our homestudy update and submit it to Haiti before they began to close their doors. That gives us a little breathing room for now.

Bye for now, Bambi


Cory 'N' Kylah said...

Love the temptations on your page! :]

lonnieloree said...

loved your testimony to god's love love We know He is with us thru the trying times Steve and I are having and wuth tiff too