Friday, February 13, 2009

Tooth Fairy

Carson lost his first top front tooth yesterday. He hasbeen working on getting that tooth loose all week. Dad has been out of town on a buisness trip and Carson had been waiting for Adam to do the extraction. I don't know how Adam was elected for the job but he is the resident tooth puller:) So, last night he finally had success. And of course I always seem to be the unprepared tooth fairy scraping together what I can to gently slide under their pillow.( I'm glad he can't quite read yet)But all is well and he is happy and toothless.


David and Candice said...

At least the tooth fairy remembers to slid it under the pillow sometimes our toothfairy forgets to make a stop until the next night. oops. well we wish your family a happy valentines weekend. Candice


the tooth fairy isnt real? when was someone going to tell me that? ah man!

lookin good carson!

Erin said...

Carson looks adorable! How much is Tooth Fairy paying these days?