Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Soccer

This weekend started the official spring soccer games ! All 3 kids had great games that were really fun to watch. Carson is on the kindergarten team and this is his second season. Zoe is on the 3rd-4th grade girls team and this is her first season. And Zane is on a team that covers 5th- 8th grade boys. It was hard to get any action photos of his team they were moving so fast:) and some a couple feet taller than Zane! He has played soccer since he was 4 . GOOD TIMES ! I am glad the weather held out yesterday. Today we are back to windy, cold, rainy and a chance of snow. UGH.


Pete and Mare said...

We are big soccer family too(hubby from Holland so his Dad and Brother play too) Have fun and enjoy! ~Mare

zz said...

hey i tought i have been playinng sinces i was 3years old?