Monday, May 4, 2009


Spring soccer wrapped up this weekend with a bang ! We had three fun and exciting games to end the season on ( and the weather cooperated to pull them off :) ! Zane Has picked up a new nickname this season " Baconator". He challenged himself to finish a Baconator from Wendy's before one of his soccer games and he did. He rolled out of the van bragging to the coach and his friends that he had just finished a Baconator. The coach said " Zane how in the world are you going to play after eating a Baconator ?". Well, Zane wasted no time in running down the field and putting one in the goal. When he had a Baconator before a game he scored and then ran down the field to cheers of " Bacon Bacon ". You know, whatever works. When he was little a nerd rope would work the same magic. I wonder what it will be in the fall :) Have a great Monday! PS... Thanks mom for the action photos !

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lonnieloree said...

You're welcome! It was our pleasure to see the kids in action! So good to see them involved in sports and have so many friends- now, bring on summer!