Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy B-day to Me

I am 35 yrs old today ! Usually I don't get a big kick out of announcing I'm another year older but this year the fact that I have reached the ripe age of 35 means that I meet the age requirement to adopt from Haiti :) As a married couple one of us is "supposed " to be 35 or older. This is one of the rules set forth in the old 1974 adoption laws that Haiti has decided to start using again, amongst others ( like not allowed having biological children ) that we don't meet. Unfortunately if all of the Haiti adoption law requirements are not met it creates another hoop to jump through called a Presidential Waiver. But today I will celebrate that I can cross off another prerequisite .Not that it changes anything in reality:) We are still looking at needing the Presidential Waiver:(

Just a cute story on my birthday.... Carson told me today " Mom i love you....... I love you bigger than a birthday " Which I just found to be super sweet because birthdays are just so huge for a little 6 yr old. When we get older as long as someone remembers it's our birthday... we're good :)
And yes the candles on my cake say 53, my family can be a bunch of jokesters ! I love them:)


mlg said...

Happy Birthday! 35 is a great age to be!

David and Candice said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! must be a good day to have a birthday my sweet little girl turned 10 today. love the 53:)-Candice

Pete and Mare said...

Happy 35th Birthday Bambi! Love that your family likes to have fun with you! ;0) ~Mare

lonnieloree said...

when you're older than the way Steve arranged the candles on your cake, you'll wonder "how can my kids be this old- I'm not!" You and all the kids and grandkids keep us young(and tired) and we never lack for excitement ! Lil Carsie is about as sweet as they come...Love,mom

R AND R AND Z said...

Happy birthday