Monday, May 25, 2009

Weekend Get Away

This weekend we took the kids down to Mammoth Cave in Kentucky to hang out and spend some time together :) I think my favorite part was the no dishes , no laundry and no cooking part ! Of course there was a ton of fun stuff to do. Agreeing on what to do was the tough part. The Alpine slide down the side of a mountain took the #1 spot for favorite thing we got to do and #2 fav would be exploring the inside of Mammoth Cave. Definitely a site to behold. Unfortunately it was really tough to get great pics in a dark cave or flying down the mountain on what looks like a sled. Taking last place was Dino World which you will see by the pictures we had to amuse ourselves . Anyhow, a good time was had by all. Enjoy the pictures :)
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David and Candice said...

It looks like a fun weekend.All your pictures are way cute and some are funny like the one the kids in the dino's mouth.well see you in 18 days...oh my gosh so close!-Candice

lonnieloree said...

haha -such a great smilebox! poor Adam- so scared! loved it!