Saturday, June 20, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Our first few hours together:(
Our last few hours together:)

After an emotionally exhausting day yesterday we made it in about 11:30 pm last night. Travel was long but much smoother this time. So glad to sleep in my air conditioned house ( which Adam lowered a couple degrees to really get a cold effect ) and sleep in my own bed ( under the sheets :). After man days of early wake ups this past week , we were both still up at 6:00 am ready to go pick up the kids. It was so good to see them. They all looked so big to me . Especially Carson. Maybe because Vania is so little. They loved to see pictures and video of their little sister. I've been thinking about the O all day and wondering what Vania is doing. Eating lunch , Napping, Outside on the porch? Who knows. Glad to be home, but feel like someone is missing. LOL



every time i read your blog I cry. This whole journey is emotionally draining- I just want vania to come home so we can get to know her! The two comparison pics are great.

lonnieloree said...

ive been thinking of vania so much too. cant stand the wait knowing how happy she looked in the videos with you guys. ive been praying for god to get in there and really work thru the people handling all the paperwork for everyone waiting to bring their little ones home. He can bring miraculous things to pass. also praying for peace comfort and patience for you guys.

Cory 'N' Kylah said...

awhhhh! i want to cry! I can't wait to meet her... she is too flippin' cute!!

David and Candice said...

It was great getting to know you guys!! Vania is so sweet and cute. we will keep you guys in our prayers that she will be well during this time away from you guys and that the processs will speed up for everyone so our sweet kids will be home.-Candice

Pete and Mare said...

I know the feeling. It was so wonderful spending quality time getting to know you both! Vania is sooo adorable and healthy. We are praying for a speedy process so that little Vania will be home with you all very soon. ~ Mare