Saturday, June 27, 2009

The O

On our trip to Haiti Adam and I were both able to go and visit Vania's Orphanage. Due to protests and rioting on the street we weren't sure we would even get to go. I can only count three times we were able to leave our little hotel oasis. 1) for the I600 appointment 2) to visit the O 3) a quick trip across the street from the hotel for some quick bartering for souvies ( Which was really quick after the police sirens starting going off :)

Adam went with the dads on Wednesday to help put up solar panels, hook up the water filtration system, and drop off all the donations. I went the next day to visit and take some pictures and video. 60+ children living in a home as big ( maybe a tad bigger ) than mine. I'm am so grateful I got to go. It will be a place I never forget.

It was lunchtime when we arrived. All the children in a very orderly fashion walked up and got their pie pan of rice and beans and found a seat at the table to eat. While they were eating I was able to take some pictures. You'll notice the water filtration system that sits in the sink and hooks to the faucet. Small but mighty :) The pie pans with rice and beans on the counter. Which I believe they get 2 of those a day. The famous brown checked couch that's in all the update pictures. I always wondered how big the couch was because I would try to guess how tall Vania was compared to the arm of the couch.Now I know :) Kindly enough, Able who stays the night with the children was able to point out Vania's bed to me, which is a crib.

All the children were beautiful and very loving. They all wanted their photo taken and loved to look at their pictures on the camera screen. While we were there I also got to see pictures taken for updates and pictures being taken for new referrals. All the girls getting their picture taken had a pretty dress on and hair done. It reminded me of Vania's referral pic as she held a piece of notebook paper up with her name across the top . Her hair in braids and barrettes , a fancy dress and a vacant expression on her face. I will always wonder what is going through their little minds as they snap the picture. Most of the children have waiting families. American families and French families. I'm glad to know they have the hope of going home to a family some day. Come on Haiti " MOVE THOSE FILES " !


David and Candice said...

So glad to have met you guys plus I loved going to the O with you to get the tour of the home. On our first trip we just stayed in the front room with yonelson since he was so sick.-candice

David and Candice said...

Hey there Bambi,I will send you the pic.can you send me your email adress mine is i would love to have your pictures from the airplane flying into port-a-prince. we where over the wing so we could not get any. Thanks Candice

lonnieloree said...

thanks for sharing that Bambi- love seeing and hearing everything about Vanias life before she comes here- pray every day for SPEED in processing!