Monday, July 13, 2009

Ann manje ! ( let's eat )

One of the many reasons the parent trips are important is that it gives us a number of days to stuff the kids with nutrition. It's like an important pit stop on the adoption journey. We had Vania for 5 days during which we beefed her up with nutritional foods, got her hydrated with lots of fluids and made sure her love tank was on full :) Then you send them off hoping you did your best to get them charged up for another 3-4 mo. until the next pit stop.

In the first picture Vania is eating dry formula. Some of the kids really like it and it is great nutritionally.... but not her favorite. The next picture is of her eating from a jar of peanut butter. Also messy and nutritional but she liked it a little better. The winners for her favorite food though were #1 beef jerky ( which she ate like a truck driver ) and Haitian spaghetti , served at the hotel ( my fav as well :)

It was very entertaining to watch her eat. She was so methodical about every bite. Picking through her food, sorting and moving it to different sides. If she didn't want something she would turn her head and spit it on the floor, toss it onto the floor or as a last resort offer it to us. After all how could we say no to her ?



Pete and Mare said...

One of my favorite ann manje memories was watching you and Vania eat spaghetti together. You two were so cute! ~Mare

David and Candice said...

It is so true how you feed them everything you can hoping it will help while we are not there. it is so funny how they go through the food picking out what they like. she is such a cutie!!-Candice