Friday, July 24, 2009

Birth Parent Interview

We have a very important day coming up this Monday the 27th. Vania's birth mother has an appointment with USCIS for her birth parent interview. What is this ?

The I600 ( which we filed in June ) allows the USCIS to set up it's interview with the birth parents to finalize the parents decision to relinquish their parental rights to their child(ren). That interview will adjudicate the orphan status of the child(ren) to be legally free for adoption.

We have been cautioned that these interviews do not always happen with the first scheduled appointment. Because most people in Haiti do not have phones ,they will have to go out and personally find her mother to bring her to the appointment.

Please pray that they would be able to find Vania's mother for Mondays appointment. Please pray that there would be no delays in the scheduled appointment and that the interview would go smoothly. Please pray we would hear some news from Haiti following the appointment :)

Happy Friday,


David and Candice said...

I hope all the birth parents interviews go smoothly and on the first try.keeping are fingers crossed-Candice

Pete and Mare said...

We are praying with you! Pete & mare

mlg said...

These interviews have been on my mind too, praying that they all go well and we hear some good news!

Tia said...

You are all in my prayers!

lonnieloree said...

I've prayed the mother will come to the interview and everything will go smoothly. Hope you hear something soon!