Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July ! Today I am remembering what a privilege it is is to live in America. I've done nothing on my own power to earn the right to be here. I have done nothing on my own power to reap it's benefits. But, I have been truly blessed by God's graciousness that in his great plan for me and my family he chose for us to live in America. Not by accident but with a purpose to complete the works he started in us.



what a great perspective on privilege bambi!

zoes hair is so adorable, did she get a perm or just use curlers?

Bambi and Adam said...

Hi Lindsay :) No perm, even though she would like one. Not curlers, couldn't find them . I used torn pieces of cloth and rolled up her hair in sections. I think mom showed me that trick.Hope to see you guys soon !

Bambi and Adam said...
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Pete and Mare said...

What beautiful smiles and great pics of the festivities! Glad you all had a great time together. I couldn't agree more with your beautiful post! ~Mare