Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Zane

Happy eleventh birthday Zane !

This is a picture of Zane and his Aunt Erin's dog named Chelsea. It has been a busy day of birthday excitement. We went to see the new Harry Potter ( which was excellent ) and then had the family over for cake , ice cream and birthday presents :) We love you Zane ! Thanks for keeping us young ( with a few gray hairs here and there ). Hope you had a great day.


mom & dad


David and Candice said...

Hope you had a great birthday!!-Candice

lonnieloree said...

we always have fun at our great big family gettogethers! Loved Adam showing the videos from Z and Z's babyhood, altho wasn't that just a little while ago? Where does the time go?

Pete and Mare said...

Awww hope you all had fun and Zane had a great time. ~Mare