Wednesday, July 29, 2009


We received this e-mail last night from our agency,

The birth parent interviews have been rescheduled, I have not been given the reason or who was responsible for the reschedule, I have asked for the new dates and as soon as I get them I will let you know. I will add that this is very common, most birth parent interviews do not take place on the first scheduled date. It is sometimes a bit difficult to get the birth parents in to the USCIS office and especially several in one day. The interviews only need to be completed before the end of the process so there is still plenty of time to have them completed and I will keep you all posted as I receive information.

With care,


Disappointed , YES ! But still keeping the faith that God is bigger and his timing in this process will be perfect.



R AND R AND Z said...

that suck but it will happen. hope you are are doing well

Cory 'N' Kylah said...

That stinks! Patience is virtue.. isn't that what 'they' say? Something like that anyways! I LOVE that picture of my lil niece!

lonnieloree said...


Pete and Mare said...

Im so sorry to hear the news guys. We will keep praying that it will happen very soon. With love ~Mare