Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August Update

Yeah for updates !!! We got an August update today for Vania. The report said she is happy her skin looks good and she has no signs of serious illness. Looks like they replaced her earrings :) We noticed she only had one earring left after her first day with us so we just took out the other one. I can only imagine what they must have thought when she arrived back at the O. Her hair wild with a barrette bow fastened to the front and no earrings. I'm glad to see her hair is done so nicely and her pretty earrings are back on :)

As far as movement on our file, it says we are awaiting IBESR placement and IBESR numbers. This sounds like no movement to me, but we have asked if our agency is able to find out why we haven't entered IBESR yet. To know why would give us some peace. I know that there are many possible scenarios to why we haven't entered yet , but I'm looking for something other than "WE are STILL waiting to enter IBESR " to tell people when they ask " Where are you in the process ?".

So glad to see her sweet face today !


R AND R AND Z said...

She looks great.

David and Candice said...

She looks good and cute as ever. Cannot wait to get our updates:)-Candice

lonnieloree said...

i read both your blogs (bout the letter about the adoptions too) and we talked about Vania's "update". This picture is so cute but i dont see the smile she had with u :( I'll ask you later what else we can do but sign those petitions cuz its confusing to me.