Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sale Successful

This afternoon we wrapped up our garage sale to benefit the Hope for Little Angels of Haiti Orphanage. We had a great , HOT couple of days. It's been 90 + degrees and humid so it has felt a lot like the weather in Haiti :) All together we raised a little over $ 200.00 . The kids were able to raise $60 of the $200 just on popsicles and lemonade. We are very proud of them ! The best part of the garage sale besides raising money was meeting all the people. Everyone was very encouraging and interested in hearing about Haiti. We have a few things that we will be taking to some of the resale shops to see if we can get a little additional money, but we are very happy with the outcome of the sale:) Here are a few pics......

Zane scoping for potential buyers.
He road his bike up and down the street checking out the competition and making sure our signs could be seen. He must be our PR person:)

Zoe getting the popsicles ready.
She was also our treasurer& kept track of all the money raised :)

Mr. Carson our quality control inspector & crowd control ! He either had his roller blades on, road his bike through the sale or played with the toys ALL DAY :)

The REAL bosses ( SHHH .. don't tell them )

The crew in action. Our mail lady even pitched in :)



that looks like a blast! send the kids this way to help us get one going! we'll give them 1% of the earned money hahaha

mlg said...

That is awesome! You have a great family!

Pete and Mare said...

Wow! What a sweet family! Thank you guys! With love, ~mare

David and Candice said...

You guy's are so great for doing this. I bet your kids had so much fun!
Thank you-Candice

lonnieloree said...

Wow! Great pics! You guys did an awesome job and I'm so proud of all of you! The shirts you made are terific!