Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Invisible Woman

Yes, I admit it. I was the 35 yr. old mom jammin' out in the tan mini -van speeding down the freeway yesterday :) Why ? Because I had just dropped my three kids off at grandmas for a sleepover & I was releasing some of the stress of Christmas break, If you know what I mean :)

I had read a book not too long ago called My Monastery is My Mini -Van and sometimes that is so true. It's usually a place that is relatively somewhat calm and I can squeeze a thought or two in while driving.So I got to thinking of why it was that I felt so stressed during the most wonderful time of the year ? And then it dawned on me. My expectations were a holiday break full of Christmas cheer. Peace & tranquility. The Twelve Days of Christmas.& the last 24hrs had been filled with anything but. I was expecting the holidays to transform my children into Holiday Angels. After all , didn't they know my plan for Holiday bliss? The planning involved for Christmas fun ? The multiple trips to the store to find just the right gift & the relentless wrapping & hiding of presents ?

NO..... How could they ? I was rating my job to provide Christmas bliss to my family based on my children's behavior.If they were Angels I was doing a great job. If not so Angel like , I was doing a poor job.

Then I realized the most important thing of all. There is only one person who CAN meet my needs. Only one who sees all that is in my heart & all that I do for my family. ONLY ONE. And God is a saying to me right now... " I love you. Come To Me . I can meet your needs Perfectly. " After all , he is the reason for the season :)
So I thought I would share this video I was forwarded YESTERDAY. His timing is perfect. ENJOY !


lonnieloree said...

that really touched my heart. It is so true, but sometimes so hard to do. When i'm world -weary and i feel like i work and struggle and make myself crazy trying to do for all 15 of us- soon to be 17- i hear myself (just yesterday) saying " Nobody cares that i ........ yadda yadda- you fill in the words..." Then i have to remind myself- i dont do anything so that my family will pat me on the back and say"wow- you clean a mean toliet" I do things because they need done if my family is going to have a great time together and really enjoy being here- and thats all that matters when i'm gone. I want you all to remember me by feeling happy when you think of me- not a certain thing i did, but just that you felt happy, loved and wanted in my home. I'm blessed with the world's best husband who always notices and thanks me, and blessed by a loving God who keeps me tight under His wing every min. of every day. I love you !!!!!


that was really awesome, thanks for sharing!! We'd really love to have the kids over for a slumber party er sleepover too. zane can sleep in the window storage seat! hahaha

Pete and Mare said...

thank you for sharing. my goal as well. hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas and break together ;) love you ~mare

Adam said...

Great stuff!