Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another short update ! I just can't go with out showing you how God is continually moving ! We got a call back from Congressman Tiberi's office & they said they talked to USCIS about our file & " Everything is in place , Vania just needs travel papers released" So i'm taking this as she has been granted Humanitarian parole . We were one of many who hadn't gottten " THE CALL"Thank you God for this reassurance :)


lonnieloree said...

keep up with the good news- wont be long now! thank God for so many miracles through this whole process

mlg said...

Glad to hear! Do you guys have a place to stay?

Pete and Mare said...

Hi Bambi, i did not realize that you were still waiting for the hp call for Vania. i thought we all had hp. bless your hearts! what a hard time you must have been having. i am so sorry.

between everything going on and some foster things i have been so overwhelmed. i apologise for missing this i am sooo grateful that sweet little Vania has hp and will be home soon!! phew!!

praying for everything to continue to fall into place~ mare