Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Continued help& prayers needed !

Along with Vania we are happy to report that Nathan & Collin have also been located !The work is not over yet though ! We still need lots of prayers going up to find D'joe , Abie, Jordan & Jessica and bring them to safety.Adam,my sister Tiffany & myself have had the great privilege of meeting & spending time with these beautiful children & their adoptive families.We are forever connected . They are family :) Lord, please watch over D'joe, Abie, Jordan & Jessica.Hold them in the palm of your hand & protect them from harm's way. Please help Nadia & Harry to find them so we can get them home !

Please pray for God's radical provision to get all the orphans of Haiti home to their adoptive families safely!


Tia said...

Amen!! Please let them be found safe and sound soon!

tgerling said...

Abby, Djoe, Jordan, and Jessica are some of the most beautiful,fun, spunky, and fiery kids I have ever met! I am praying extra hard that they will be united with the other children and Harry soon. God keeps answering prayers everyday so we just have to keep praying and put our trust in him.

Pete and Mare said...

Bambi, thank you for brining such peace to our hearts tonight. You guys are our family too and you always will be! We are praying with you tonight. We pray that all of our children will be home with us very soon. Love you guys, ~Mare

lonnieloree said...

i will continue to pray for these four precious children for i know they are every bit as important in the eyes of God as the greatest leader of the land. I feel He has great plans for miss Abby, along with the others and I trust He will allow them to be found and brought home.