Friday, January 15, 2010

Hallelujah !

Hey my sweet Hope families,

Just want to send you a little up-date, I got a message from one of the French families adopting from Hope, so

This is second hand news, but it is hopeful so I am sharing it with you.

She says that her attorney/adoption coordinator was able to reach Nadia by phone and she says she has the

Children with her and they are ok for now. We don’t know where they are but I am under the impression they

Are not at any of the orphanages. I am grateful to hear that Nadia is ok and she is with the children, she did

Say that they were desperate for water. I have notified the Red Cross and the LDS church of their needs and

About where I think they might be and I am hoping that food and water will be taken to them shortly.

I am also working with JCICS and the Department of State to bring our children home! Please do not listen to rumors,

Check with me or check the Joint Council web page for accurate information.

I will keep you posted when I have ANYTHING to share!

Your friend,


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Tiffany Gerling said...

Thank you lord! I am so relieved to hear that all of the children are safe and with Mama Nadia. I pray that they will continue to be safe, have water and food, and will soon be able to be home with their mommies and daddies!