Saturday, January 16, 2010

Latest From Chareyl

As you know we have confirmation that Harry is in an LDS church in PetionVille, all the children

Living in the orphanage with him were evacuated safely. The mounting concerns now are that

PetionVille is in the mountains and it has been difficult to get aid to them. Harry said that there

Is food to purchase and even gas for his truck, but he has no money. And because PetionVille is

In the mountains it has been difficult for rescue teams to get to them. Harry says that if he

Could get some gas in his car he could try to find Nadia and the foster kids. He would also

Be able to buy food and supplies, there is some available to purchase (although the prices are

Astronomical) but the banks are shut down and there is no way to get money.

I am happy to tell you that we have found a way to get money to Harry! We have a friend (via

Shannon Cox, who will be traveling to Haiti tomorrow with a special medical

Team put together by the LDS church. Dr. Jeremy Booth has agreed to take the money to

Harry. He is an ER doctor, speaks fluent Creole and loves the Haitian people. They have been

Trying to fly out for several days but because of flight restrictions but hope to fly out tomorrow.

The hope for the little angels team is out getting a substantial amount of cash right now to

Send with Dr. Booth. I know this money will be critical in helping to find and feed our children.

I want to tell each of you thank you, it is because of so many of you and your contributions

That the hope organization has funds to send down.

I will keep you posted, please pray that Dr. Booth is able to reach Harry with the funds!!

Your friend,


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