Wednesday, January 13, 2010

No News

No news from Haiti yet. Our agency has not been able to reach their contacts in Haiti to find out any news on the orphanage. Thank you for your continued prayers.

I did eventually get some sleep last night that lasted until about 4am. Then I couldn't turn off my brain thinking how terrified the children must be. Now that I am fully awake my stomach is in knots waiting to hear something.

I am thankful for daybreak this morning. Hopeful that Haiti will get an out pouring of relief from around the world today. Confident that the God I serve is much bigger than all of this and hears our prayers.

Vania, our sweet girl , we are thinking of you wanting so much to hold & comfort you right now.


Flyers said...

Bambi - I have been praying for Vania and for all of you since I heard the news last night. I will pray that you get an update today and in the meantime that God will graciously pour out his peace and comfort on you. - Kirsten

Pete and Mare said...

yes, he will take care Vania and all the children. my heart is in haiti with our babies. i wish i could be there to help out. even if that means holding 5 to 10 kiddos. family and friends are praying for our babies and all of haiti. we love you guys~ mare

David and Candice said...

I am also waitng to hear "I am fine":( great big hugs go out to you guys-Candice