Monday, January 11, 2010

O - U - T !!!!!

Thank You Lord !!!!
We are so happy to announce that our files have come out of IBESR ( Haitian social Services ). This means we have been officially approved to adopt from Haiti. Which is a huge step towards bringing Vania home. Now we wait to enter another step called Parquet;
This step involves one person(?) releasing the child(ren)'s file(s). Parquet is the head commissioner. He is intertwined with court. He asks all of the birth parents to come for interviews to make sure that they understand that there children are being adopted. Apparently there was some fraudulent activity going on and he wants to protect the birth parents interests. i.e. make sure they are in agreement.

Parquet should take 4-12 weeks but we know that is all relative. We still need lots & lots of prayers as we still have many more steps to go through before bringing Vania home. For today I am so grateful for the steps that are behind us & look forward to seeing how God continues to move in 2010 :)


David and Candice said...

Yeah for you guys!!!I am so happy for your good news!!!!-Candice

R AND R AND Z said...

WOW that is great new congrats

stephanie garcia said...

Wow! Great news!!

Tia said...

Yay!!!!! Congratulations!!!

Pete and Mare said...

yippee! that is wonderful news!! we will keep praying for you guys! i am very happy for you! ~mare