Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday Jitters

The plan is to press forward & catch a plane out of Columbus at 6pm tonight that will take us to Utah late evening. The children are STILL waiting for approval to travel. And EVERYTHING possible is being done to make sure they are able to get on the plane arriving to pick them up in Port Au Prince tonight.

I am trying to tie up loose ends here to leave & finish packing. It has been much easier to pack for a trip to Utah than a trip to Haiti :) No worries with bed bugs , clean water , hairdryer or whatever :)

We are fired up today ! Anxious & Waiting. Please PRAY LIKE YOU'VE NEVER PRAYED BEFORE that ALL the kids would get on the plane TONIGHT! Pray for the Haitian government that God would inspire them to rise to the occassion & have the same goal of getting these children onto the plane that will be arriving for them .



lonnieloree said...

i'm agonizing over what will happen today. Any word from Lori or Chareyl about what happened yesterday? I'm praying ,but i'm kinda praying "Lord I dont know how this is gonna happen so you're gonna have to figure it out- i'm putting it in your hands" Keep me posted-i'm aging quick here!

lonnieloree said...

p.s. Don't forget to put V's carseat in your car!

David and Candice said...

We are praying for you guys to travel safe and We are praying that everything will come together. See you guys soon.-Candice