Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday Prayers Needs

This is from last night.......

Dear families,

I am getting ready to go and will be leaving basically in the middle of the night. I want to give you a heads up! We do not know for sure when

We will get the kids out of the country. I need you to be prepared for a phone call that says something like this…get on a plane and meet us ________

It will be somewhere in the US, it won’t necessarily be Florida. I will try to give you a days notice but no guarantee. I have paperwork for all of you

And hopefully they will let the children remain with me until you get there. But God willing it will work out that you can be there the minute the plane rolls in. I am asking you all to pray like you never have before, ask your friends and your families to pray, post away! Pray that we will find ALL of the children, that they will be OK, I know they will not be perfect, but we want them safe and together! Pray that we can get all the children to the Embassy, that all of will find safe travel there, pray that we can get into the embassy and that they will process ALL of the children that they will accept ALL the paperwork that we are bringing, and most especially pray for peace that in the end we all know that this is in God’s hands. I know without a doubt that HE can move mountains and we are asking for HIM to move mountains for us.

I want to mention something else, I tried to figure out at what point this might be appropriate given the situation we are faced with and

I decided never, but here goes anyway. I know that the adoption will be completing sooner for some of you (that goes without saying for those of you that have been in the process far too long) But I did want you to be prepared to pay the final agency fees after your children are home and in your loving arms.

I love you all and consider you all my friends. I will be in touch!

Your friend,


I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phillipians 4:13

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lonnieloree said...

It's getting close to her being home with you! We are praying that the whole process of getting the kids here will go smoothly and safely. God bless Chareyl and the others with her for making this happen.We know this is not an easy task and things could go wrong, but God has and is watching over and guiding the whole "mess", so we must not falter in our faith.