Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday , Day 7

Here is the latest e-mail from Chareyl last night..

Hey everyone, I got a very short message from Harry tonight we got cut off

And I tried to reach him again, but no luck, here is a new list of kids that are with

Nadia and are ok. He is still trying to get to her and get the kids so they are still

Currently with her.. He was cut off when talking to Nadia last so I am hoping

there is actually more news and I just don’t have it yet.

I will try to reach Harry again in the morning.

I am over the top exhausted!

Kids reported to be with Nadia and Ok….

Djeuvena Fils-Aime/Zambrie



Fabrice--- with Harry


Jean Tony



Natlove--- with Harry

Wycleff Jean--- with Harry


Schneider ---with Harry


Everybody continue to pray for the kids that we do not have news on yet!


Here is the list of children who still need to be located;


Oliver (Collin)



Betul (Jordan)



God we know you can see these children right now. We ask for your protection to surround them & that Today would be the day they are brought to safety with the rest of the children of Hope For Little Angels of Haiti.


David and Candice said...

We will keep praying that they will be found and be safe.-Candice

Pete and Mare said...

we are praying with all our hearts that Day 8... today is the day that Vinea and the others are found and reunited with our group. ~mare

tgerling said...

Good things are continuing to happen everyday. Lets pray that today is the day that the rest of the kids are reunited with Nadia. Please let me know if there is anything I can do, besides massive praying, for you guys!

lonnieloree said...

Two of the original 9 on that list are found-right? It only makes sense that the others are with those other two. My hopes are high -the Lord is good. I just keep feeling during my prayers that He is saying "I didn't take Adam and Bambi on this journey and convict their hearts to help a child in need, only to dash her away and say 'never mind-i've decided not to let you help' " I hope today you hear an update...love