Tuesday, February 9, 2010

1 week

Can you believe it has been one week since Vania came home ? I can't. On the other hand it feels like she has always been a part of our family :) We are in the middle of another winter storm here. It is supposed to snow all day today through tomorrow. Kids are off school. Adam & the kids built an igloo last Saturday & with it being so cold it is still standing. I'm sure they will be out in it sometime today.Vania has enjoyed going out as well. That is...... in & out ,in & out , in & out !

Our Igloo

Vania has learned how to get water from the fridge . Now we are training ourselves to keep it locked :)

Zoe , Carson & Vania in the igloo

Vania thinks this cut off pant leg that Carson learned to sew on A button in Cub scouts is a jean skirt. She likes to squeeze herself into it & then can't walk :)

She has gotten used to her car seat& likes to have her glasses on when in the car. She loves to ride in the van & often goes to the door saying "machine ".

Still likes to hide when she knows I'm trying to get a cute picture !

As far as eating she has stopped the obsession with every wrapped granola bar / cereal bar. She is mostly just eating at mealtime. Chewing gum though has become her new favorite thing. she does really well with it though & it works as a good bribe :)

Speaking of bribing I've decided it is time to figure out how to do her hair. That way maybe by the time she is old enough to REALLY care, I might be decent at braids. We are keeping the short afro for now.Just had it trimmed the other day. The lady was very patient & kept her entertained with every comb & brush in her drawer. Vania loves to pick out bows & barrettes . So that is what we are going with for now with maybe some flat/ spiral twists in the front to keep her hair pulled back. seriously I had her up in her highchair bribing her with everything I could think of just to comb out her hair & put in a few twists. The twists she didn't mind. It was the combing out of the hair !Today she did much better with that :)

Today is also the first time she laid down for a nap with out a tantrum. Mickey mouse , a rocking chair & boom she was out :) We have been getting her to bed around 8pm & she will usually sleep until 4am. Then she wakes Zoe up & Zoe brings her to us. ( they share a room )Then we are back to the rocking chair for about 10 min. Then off to sleep again. She usually gets up for the day around 6:45am. Most likely because that's when we all start getting up & getting ready.

We are starting to get things on track here. Our heads I think are slowly coming out above the water after feeling like we had been knocked down by a huge wave:)Still can't seem to catch up on sleep. I just can't believe she is really here ! We love her so much.She is so comical & fun to have around ! I love snuggling with her & hearing her say " pick me up mama, pick me up "Speaking of Vania i hear her calling.Naptime is over.60 min today, Not bad.


David and Candice said...

What a doll:) I hope you guys dig out of the snow soon. But how fun for your kids to have all that snow.-Candice

mlg said...

WOW all that snow! Sounds like Vania and Avrie are pretty close in what they like Avrie loves gum too and hates to have her hair done. Took her to the dr. today and she weighted in at 28lbs can you believe that? Glad things are going good and we are all lucky that we have these cute kids in our home!

lonnieloree said...

Precious precious pictures! She is so funny,and you guys are such a blessing to me! Glad you are blogging and taking lots of pictures to remember these times when they're young-they go by so fast. But now that you kids are no longer at home, we have these wonderful grandkids to watch and play and laugh with! Thanks hey-the word verification is unkin(bunkin unkin)!

Flyers said...

These pictures are beautiful! I have wondered what she thought of the snow and the cold - what a huge change for her! Glad the transition is going so well for all of you and that you are into your new "normal". Hope to see you at an AMSG meeting soon!
- Kirsten

Kimmeedee said...

What a blessed little girl! Love the pictures!

Pete and Mare said...

She is such a doll! She is so happy with you guys! Gum is a big hit here too. Abie love's spiderman... lol. Adam and Bambi... We love seeing the updates! We love you guys! So glad she is home! ~Mare

Anthony said...

I think she is starting to feel right at home! I love her little ghetto jean skirt, and her hair looks so precious in the little afro! That's my favorite style on her! I'm glad to hear that things are going great and I can't wait to have another play-date!

Cory 'N' Kylah said...

I LOVVVVE all these beautiful pictures!!! I'm SO happy she's finally here with our family. I can't wait to see her again and just have her get used to me! The things you say about her are so funny- Kylah's into the gum thing now too! She HAS to be Kylah's age- everything you say about her reminds me so much of Ky! I'm so happy for you guys- she's doing so great!

Cory 'N' Kylah said...

PS: Her hair looks SOOO cute in that picture of her wearing the pant leg for a skirt! haha! You did a really good job!