Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Break...AWHHH

The Family at COSI ( Center of Science & Industry )

More COSI The favorite part for little ones. Getting wet :)
I'm glad they provide raincoats !

Yeah ! We finally moved back into our rooms !

Blogging has become so sporadic now that I need to go back & look through my pictures on the camera to see where I left off :) We are on spring break this week & it has been GREAT ! No big vacation or anything but it has been wonderful to not have anything big going on & Adam being home. We have not had any down time as a family since Vania came home. So we've done a little work finishing the girl's/boy's rooms & getting them moved back in & as we speak Adam is working on our room. The goal to get it done this week so the carpeting can get done & we can get the house back in order.

We've also had some fun taking the kids to COSI, hanging out with family, starting the soccer season ( the 3 older kids are playing, Vania thinks she is too though & wears the extra set of shin guards to practice :) , having a picnic tomorrow & of course the Easter Bunny comes this Sunday.

I have a short Vania story. Of course , this was Vania's first visit to COSI. They have an awesome little kids area with tons of stuff to do. Anyway she had decided to start taking the toys and putting them in a little hideout which I was instructed to sit in & guard I suppose,. Every time I tried to leave she would point back to the spot she wanted me to sit while she went out & found more toys to hide. Anyway this went on for awhile & then a little boy found the hideout of toys & decided he would take some out. You know she only had THREE large riding toys in there. Anyway I gave him one explaining to Vania it was okay , look you still have TWO. She looked at the boy blinked several strong blinks & grunted in disgust. I just had to turn my head & giggle. This little boy had no idea he had just been told off by this little 2 year old girl. & neither did his parents :) In Haiti blinking is a sign that someone is not happy with you. The grunt is something a little extra , I think :) I figure it could have been worse... hitting biting etc.

On the adoption side, not much is new. Our post placement appointment went well. It felt weird seeing as I always pictured having it when the adoption is final. IBESR requested a letter about Vania's adjustment & pictures which we took care of & forwarded to Wasatch. Our attorney is asking for more info for the courts as they try to figure out the adoption process for the children on Humanitarian Parole. I just long for the day when the paperwork is DONE. Please pray they would get the legalities of these Haitian adoptions sorted out & these children's adoptions finalized SOON.
Duty calls :)


R AND R AND Z said...

sounds like you have been busy. I have blink at Z and she get really upset so we have explained it JUST BLINKING and she kind of gets it. That is so funny Vania did that. I hope your family has a great easter

lonnieloree said...

Steve and I were talking about the adoption process today and hoping it would get straightened out soon. What a laugh about Vania's blinking! I can't recall if she has blinked at me or just given me her sideways look that means "tread lightly,old lady"!

Cory 'N' Kylah said...

Oh my gosh! that is SOOO hilarious about vania blinking at that boy! Now i'll know when she's not happy with me! Hey at least she's not in the MINE MINE MINE stage like Kylah has been for the past year! Sometime when I have some money we'll have to go to COSI and let Vania and Kylah run around that area- Kylah's been there once and LOVED it and didn't want to leave that water area! Thankfully they had those raincoats!