Thursday, April 29, 2010

One Week

Ready to go on the fridge !

It has been 1 week since Vania's surgery . She is doing great ! Her appetite started to come back yesterday & she has been way more active & giggly the past 2 days. The hard part has been weaning her off her staples of potato chips, 7-up , popsicles & Ramen Noodles that she has been living on. And getting her back on track from the pampered princess program :)
I am so relieved to see her running around and full of energy. Part of me wondered before surgery ... " Is this necessary ?" But After what they found& the difference in breathing now, I'm sure it was. I layed her down for a nap yesterday & questioned whether she was asleep or not because I couldn't hear her breathing . The swelling & drainage are really clearing out so her breathing is relaxed & quiet. What a blessing. The snoring before just made me cringe to think how difficult it must be to get any rest or for that matter any air. If I laid beside her I would constantly be repositioning her trying to relax her breathing.. Well no more of that. Sleep well my little angel. The flood gates have been opened !


confused@18 said...

I just want to say that I absolutely love your story and your blog. I may only be 18. But you have a great heart and I really see that. Im like that too I have a big heart. When I get married your story is gonna be what guides me. I absolutely love kids no matter how old or if their a different ethnic. They all have the same spirit. Your an amazing family. I will definately be listening.

mlg said...

Yeah!!! I am glad she is doing so good...good luck with changing the princess routine we have that going on here and we have no excuse!

David and Candice said...

Glad to hear that everything is going well for Vania. It has to fell so good for her to sleep and breath easier:)-Candice