Sunday, May 23, 2010


No pomp & circumstance for us for awhile. Even though I do have a few graduation cards to send out. But we have officially graduated in the care of our hair '' STUFF " ! Ever since we came home all of the combs, brushes , clips, spritz's, bows , headbands etc etc. have been thrown into a Sally's Beauty supply bag I purchased about 1 week after bringing Vania home. Big zip loc bags were home to a zillion barrettes , snaps, ballies & bows. I new change was a coming every time the bag of goodies was dumped on the shag carpet needing to be picked out or eventually swept up in the vacuum or between my toes :) I've gone back to the caboodle of old days. Sadly enough it is already filled. But it has been very helpful in organizing everything and much easier to send someone to find something in the middle of styling. My Sally's Bag still holds the brushes , combs & some products. I have become what I have heard some people refer to as a PJ ( product junkie ). We eventually may need an extra closet !!!! I LOVE her hair.


lonnieloree said...

i love her hair too! You always have it fixed SOOO cute! What with Vania, our bi-racial grandkids, and our white grandkids, we truly have it all!A stylists dream! So many hair-types! So little time! Haha

Cory 'N' Kylah said...

I love her hair too- Aren't girls so fun!? Sometimes it's frustrating when you can get a perfect part or they mess it up 5 minutes afterwords but when you do a good do you feel like a super mom! If only people knew how much time and effort it takes... !!

Cory 'N' Kylah said...

PS: I was just on happy girl hair care for like a half hour! haha