Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Haitian Playdate State Side

Last night Vania & I had a great opprotunity to meet with three other mothers & their new daughters who just arrived from Haiti. You could call it our first Haitian play date here in the USA. We were so fortunate when we traveled to Haiti to have a great group of parents & kids to hang with at the hotel. It is definitely something we miss. Fortunately God is always faithful & has given us a new group of friends to get to know here locally. I am super excited to get to know them & share the unique journey and common bond of adopting from Haiti.


mlg said...

What a blessing, I am so glad you found some Haitian friends for Vania! Wish we had some here!

Pearle said...

I think your Vania is Beautiful....love the stories. I became a follower because I read a few post a month or so ago and now I am hooked on Vania and her journey. Your family is beautiful!
Happy belated Mother's Day!

lonnieloree said...

This is newsworthy! You guys should call Bowersock to do an update on Vania's arrival story!