Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

Zoe chillin' in the deep end

Zane keeping cool

Papa & Vania playing at the pool

Carson building a fort for shade at the pool

chowing down at the church Memorial Day picnic

learning to fill water guns

Vania showing off her flowers she helped plant

Zoe graduates from elementary school

Great weather continued all week here. A little spotty with light showers this morning. But by noon lots of sun & time for the pool ! 3 more days of school left. Then time to switch gears again. Zane & Zoe will be doing swim team. Carson is joining the summer playground program ( kinda like a day camp through out the week ) & little V & I will be getting things done around here so we all can enjoy the pool in the afternoon. No big vacations planned this year. Just hangin' out :)

We do have a prayer request. Our friend & adoption coordinator from Wasatch will be traveling to Haiti this week. While she is there she will be trying to get some much needed documentation that the judge here in Ohio is requesting in order to finalize Vania's adoption. Some states are finalizing the Haitian adoptions with just the humanitarian parole papers. Our judge is saying that is not enough & needs an affidavit from the orphanage giving consent for Vania's adoption. We know that God has not brought Vania this far to pull the carpet out from under us. But we also know that getting consent from the O in Haiti is no walk in the park. Not that the O wouldn't agree to sign the affidavit but that getting the paperwork done takes some time & effort. Especially after the quake. Please pray Chareyl would be able to come home with the consent. Please also pray for her safety & for the work she will be trying to accomplish for the building of the new orphanage called Bel Haiti.

Hope everyone has a great finish to the long holiday weekend!


Pete and Mare said...

Glad that you all had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! Gracie (Abie) was telling me this weekend what happened to the money that Tiffony gave her and she was not happy about it. All this time later and she still remembers you all and loves you all! ~ Mare

lonnieloree said...

What wonderful pics! Love Vania's patriotic dress! So glad school's almost out. With the kids in swimteam, there'll be alot of days at the pool. How long does Carson's daycamp/playground last? Fun summer ahead! Yes,will pray for the right paperwork to be in Chaeryl's hands when she returns- we have alot of faith in her. She knows how to get things done!

Adam said...

Just looking through some of these old posts. Why is it every picture of me in the pool makes me look like an idiot?