Friday, June 18, 2010

Go Marlins !

Zoe getting decorated for battle
Eat My Bubbles

Zane on the middle block . Ready to swim !

This week was our first swim meet of the summer. Long & hot. There were 250 kids total between both teams. So it started at 5:30 pm & ended at 10:15 pm. Vania fared pretty well in all the action. by the end of the night she ended up exhausted in poppies arms. The good news is the other meets should be much shorter :)

Vania LOVES the pool though ! The first day of swim practice she pointed to the pool & said "ME TOO ! " She still doesn't quite understand why she can't swim during practice :)

She has been coveting the other kids inflatable swim rings at the pool. So today we stopped at the store & picked one up .Didn't bring my camera to the pool. Of course ! She was in heaven. She played non stop with the floaty in the big pool & the baby pool. Lounged back with her eyes closed like she was sunbathing. She toted the ring & a splash ball around every where she went. On the guard for prowling children who might take it :) She has been really good about other kids touching her stuff at the pool. She always makes sure to make eye contact with me when it happens though. I think it reassures her that it will be given back . And then if they have touched it too many times after they are done playing she will just take it & carry it around to make sure they don't go for it again.This also made me realize that this could be a good sign of attatchment as far as understanding family/home Vs. strangers/public. Because let me tell you, at home she is way more comfortable in letting you know that she is not happy you have touched her stuff. There is no patient waiting. It is definitely BACK OFF my stuff NOW !

I am so glad she enjoys the pool. I know we do. It is our little oasis in the summer & full of friends to hang out with & cool off. Oh by the way, Giant pixie sticks at the pool, not so cool. Too much effort to keep the pixie powder flowing after all the slobber & too much sugar for the babe. She had fallen soundly asleep on our way home. I eased her into bed . But as soon as she touched the covers her eyes darted open and she shouted " WHERE"S MY PICKY THICK !!!!" Darn that pixie stick ! No nap today.
The girls warm-up

Mini- Marlin

Carson in charge of decorating Miss V

Carson. I Think by the end of the night he looked like he had been to the tattoo parlor :)

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lonnieloree said...

Haha- these are great pics! So glad Vania wants to be a part of the pool scene,too. In no time you will be watching her compete,too! I always hated you kids eating "picky thicks",Too!